5 Easiest Ways to Check The SAR Level of Your Mobile Phone

how to Check The SAR Level of Mobile Phone

If you’re interested in science and technology or global communications, you’re likely aware that mobile phones and other radio wave sources give off varying levels of radiation that can be potentially dangerous. There have been all sorts of claims regarding the related risks, including the possibility that overuse of mobile phones could lead to cancer. … Read more

11 iPhone Radiation Protection Tips That Actually Work

iphone radiation protection

Every youth in this generation knows about the iPhone series. Whether you hate or love the ‘over-hype’, you can’t deny the fact that it has become a symbol of sophistication over the years. Personally, I’m not a fan but I do know that the “cool kids” absolutely love these phones (the newer the version, the … Read more

Apple Watch Radiation: Health Concerns and Protection Tips

Apple Watch Radiation

Let’s be honest: how often do you think of the harm technology can do to you? As we become increasingly-dependent on new technology to complete daily tasks, it can be easy to overlook some potentially-dangerous side effects. I’ll be the first to admit that it can be all too easy to forsake these concerns in … Read more

Emf Radiation From Airpods – Should You Be Worried?

emf radiation airpod

Having an apple AirPod is the ‘in thing’ right now among the present generation. Aside from how sleek and sophisticated this technology is, it seems to be more comfortable for users when compared to the traditional headphones. The AirPods were made available in late October 2016. They are compatible with iPhones and iPads running iOS … Read more

Clean Vs. Dirty Electricity

clean vs dirty electricity

Mains electricity is something that most people take for granted, and few stop to consider whether there’s more to it than just a power source. One factor that can have a big impact on our home life is whether our electricity is considered clean or dirty. Dirty electricity can affect the life and quality of … Read more

Can Trees Block EMF Radiation?

Can Trees Block EMF Radiation

Over recent years people have become more aware of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation and what it can do. EMF radiation can come from a number of things including WiFi, cell phones and power lines. You may be wondering what can help block these waves of radiation and keep you safe. Specifically, can trees block EMF … Read more