Clean Vs. Dirty Electricity

clean vs dirty electricity

Mains electricity is something that most people take for granted, and few stop to consider whether there’s more to it than just a power source. One factor that can have a big impact on our home life is whether our electricity is considered clean or dirty. Dirty electricity can affect the life and quality of … Read more

Best EMF Shielding Paint (YShield Review)

Best EMF Shielding Paint YShield Review

When it comes to EMF radiation protection, EMF shielding paint is one of the most effective products money can buy. In my quest for ultimate EMF protection, I’ve tested plenty of different makes of EMF shielding paint, and I’ve found that one of the BEST available is YShield EMF Protection Paint (check prices on Amazon). In … Read more

Can Trees Block EMF Radiation?

Can Trees Block EMF Radiation

Over recent years people have become more aware of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation and what it can do. EMF radiation can come from a number of things including WiFi, cell phones and power lines. You may be wondering what can help block these waves of radiation and keep you safe. Specifically, can trees block EMF … Read more

10 Ways to Block EMF from Power Lines

block EMF power lines

The advent of technology has brought many devices and procedures that have changed the ways we do things. Despite how beneficial these devices and procedures are, there are certain potential risks that follow them. One of such devices is the electric power line which is an important and cheap source of transporting electricity from the … Read more

The Best Dirty Electricity Filters (Greenwave Review)

best dirty electricity filter greenwave review

Most of us are unaware of the harm that dirty electricity in our homes can cause. Dirty electricity filters are the solution and from personal experience, I can vouch for the Greenwave Filters (check their website). At the outset, I want to make it clear that these filters reduce the amount of dirty electricity considerably … Read more

Do Mylar And Copper Block EMF Radiation?

do mylar & copper block emf

EMF protection is extremely important and not easy to achieve. About a year ago, a friend told me that there are some natural materials such as aluminum, copper and mylar, which supposedly block EMF. I have written about aluminum in another article which you can check out. As far as mylar and copper go, are … Read more