Is Wifi Radiation Safe For Babies And Children?

Is Wifi Harmful For Babies

The human race has become so dependent on the convenience of Wi-Fi that it can be found anywhere. We are slowly realizing, amongst great debate, that Wi-Fi and other forms of electromagnetic radiation are harmful. What is the effect of wifi on babies? Are they harmful or safe? These are some questions people would like … Read more

Can Electromagnetic Radiation Kill You?

Can Electromagnetic Radiation Kill You

We heard about them being harmful. We know that they are a cause of many health risks. But can electromagnetic radiations kill you? To answer the question, in short, I would say that electromagnetic waves, especially the ionizing type are potentially lethal and can kill a person. The non-ionizing form of radiation has the potential … Read more

Do Smartphones On Airplane Mode Emit Radiation?

smartphones airplane mode emit radiation

If you are interested in knowing if smartphones on airplane mode emit radiation, then read on. But I first want to give you the quick answer to the question. When a smartphone is selected to airplane mode, the connection to radio towers is cut off and radiation due to wireless transmission will cease. However, the … Read more