5G Radiation Dangers and Health Concerns (Research Based)

5G Radiation Dangers and Health Concerns

The fifth generation of cellular telecommunications is almost ready for implementation in 2019. We are progressing toward this new technology because the current set of frequency bandwidths in use are reaching a point of total saturation. By transitioning to a 5G experience, we can have better speeds, more effective communication, and our Internet of Things … Read more

Smartwatch Radiation – Health Risks & Protection Tips

smartwatch radiation risks and protection

The Apple Watch and the Fitbit are currently some of the hottest birthday and holiday presents on the market. Not only are these smartwatches seen as status symbols, but they are also useful for health and fitness purposes, have many of the capabilities of smart devices, and can make it easier to find your phones, … Read more

EMF Radiation from Amazon Echo – Harmful Effects & Protection Tips

amazon echo radiation protection

Over the years, the advancements we’ve seen in technology has been nothing short of sensational. If we look at the Amazon Echo as an example, we can ask ‘Alexa’ almost any question and she’ll duly respond with the correct answer. What’s more, she can play the radio, offer weather updates, and order products online. However, … Read more

5 Easiest Ways to Check The SAR Level of Your Mobile Phone

how to Check The SAR Level of Mobile Phone

If you’re interested in science and technology or global communications, you’re likely aware that mobile phones and other radio wave sources give off varying levels of radiation that can be potentially dangerous. There have been all sorts of claims regarding the related risks, including the possibility that overuse of mobile phones could lead to cancer. … Read more

11 iPhone Radiation Protection Tips That Actually Work

iphone radiation protection

Every youth in this generation knows about the iPhone series. Whether you hate or love the ‘over-hype’, you can’t deny the fact that it has become a symbol of sophistication over the years. Personally, I’m not a fan but I do know that the “cool kids” absolutely love these phones (the newer the version, the … Read more