Recommended Reading: Best Audiobooks to Understand EMF’s Effects

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   Credit: Pexels
Credit: Pexels

In today’s world, various digital technologies, ranging from smartphones to smart appliances and desktop computers, almost dominate our lives. The growth of these technologies brings increased comfort and convenience; however, over the years, researchers have speculated about the potential harms of man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) due to the continuous advancements in the technologies surrounding us.

In this Frontiers in Public Health article, the researcher covers various issues and concerns arising from decades of research in the field. For one, numerous reviews and studies still point to a lack of research on EMF exposures in humans and its co-effects in combination with other man-made environmental pollutants. Today, the effects of EMF are still debated in science. However, certain studies do agree that there are health risks associated with wireless radiation from the devices and networks around us.

While we certainly try our best to provide the latest and most important insights on the subject here at EMF Advice, it won’t hurt to do your own research and learn from various perspectives and studies. By doing so, you can better know how to protect yourself and your family from the potential harm caused by EMF and its other effects. Below, we’ll be sharing some audiobooks you can check out to gain a better understanding of EMF’s effects:

Cancer and EMF Radiation

Written by Brandon LaGreca, Cancer and EMF Radiation is an in-depth guide on the potential links between electromagnetic fields and cancer formation. The book covers over 60 academic references on the science. It delves into the different types of EMFs that we may be surrounded by, as well as the various research showing DNA damage from EMF exposure. The book also touches on microwave radiation, a source of EMF often seen in mobile phones, smart meters, and WiFi networks, as well as low-frequency EMFs from household wiring and connected devices.

Available on the ebook and audiobook platform Everand, listeners can access bonus afterword content such as how to properly test for EMFs and a guide for hiring an EMF inspector if you need professional assistance. At a quick one-hour listen, Cancer and EMF Radiation is essential for those worried about electropollution’s harms and wondering how best to shield, mitigate, and avoid this harmful exposure.

Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation

From internationally acclaimed and award-winning scientist Devra L. Davis, Disconnect is a thorough exploration of the damage cell phones are doing to humans. The book covers the impact of cell phones on our lowered attention spans, cell phone radiation, and the simple safety measures we can take to protect ourselves and our loved ones better. Disconnect also draws insights from various experts in the field, including Om P. Gandhi, an expert on how cell phone radiation penetrates the human brain. Even though the book is ten years old, the information provided remains relevant, especially today.

Our previous post on “How to Measure 5G Radiation” highlighted how 5G has become almost omnipresent worldwide today. Due to the promised higher network speeds, 5G networks operate at much higher frequencies and shorter waves, making them more harmful than previous generations. If you rely on many 5G devices in your daily routine, it may be smart to learn how to read radio frequency (RF) meters or use EMF detectors to measure potential 5G radiation in your area.

Radiation Nation: The Fallout of Modern Technology

Last but not least, Radiation Nation is another EMF must-read if you’re concerned about protecting yourself and your family from the potential harms of modern technology. The book prefaces itself by calling EMF radiation one of the fastest-growing health issues facing modern society and the biological changes in human bodies associated with EMF exposure.

The audiobook version of this goes up to nearly three hours, but the insights you can gain on essential EMF protection and the proven health risks of EMF radiation are well worth it. Published in 2017, the book also discusses 5G technology and debates on whether or not current safety standards are sufficient for preventing the many major health risks associated with EMF, from DNA damage to cell mutation and cancer.