Best EMF Protection for Breaker Box

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Best EMF Protection for Breaker Box

Always having to be cooped up inside can be hazardous to some people’s health. Being trapped around continually operating electrical devices has been linked to several cognitive problems. Protecting yourself from EMF is vital to staying healthy. In this article, we will look at ways to protect ourselves from EMF coming from breaker boxes.

The best EMF protection for breaker box is MCL61 which is a carpet-like material that can be used to dampen electromagnetic waves. MCL61 is made from a cobalt alloy which is pliable and easy to fit into tiny spaces.

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Electrical and magnetic sources create EMF waves. Learning how to protect yourself against them can feel overwhelming. If you continue reading the article, you will learn the ins and outs of how to protect your home and family from these damaging waves.

Breaker Box Protection

When it comes to creating massive EMFs inside the home, the main culprit is usually the circuit breaker box. It is the spot where power enters the house and can be controlled by the homeowner. The energy that comes from the line is static, meaning that it is LF (low frequency.) LF waves are easily combated by applying MCL61 to any box.

MCL61 is a lightweight fabric that you can use to ‘carpet’ for lack of a better term, the inside of breaker boxes, and electronics cabinets to dull the radiation from leaking into the home.

MCL61 - Magnetic Shielding low frequency magnetic fields, electric fields, high frequency/RF fields. Width 2ft Length: 6ft

Carpeting Your Breaker Box

Generally, a breaker box is one foot by a two-foot box with a series of switches inside. The power from the transformer on your street runs into this box via a line from the street. To start, you should:

  • Find the box – It is generally in the basement on an outfacing wall. Some could be located in the kitchen. Boxes close to children’s rooms should be carpeted as soon as possible. The EMF spectrum’s effects on children is becoming a hot topic among parents and doctors. It will be distinguishable by the cover, which is a bland gray cover that is hard to mistake.
  • Cut the power – While you won’t be using power tools or any dangerous cuts needs to be made, you should cut the power for safety reasons. It is better to be safe than sorry. Electrocution can occur if an excess of 30 volts escapes the line and enters the person.
  • Measure the box – Measure the inside of your circuit breaker. There will be places that you have to shift the carpet to make it fit. Allowing for this in the measuring step saves time later. Depending on the size of your home, the breaker could be much larger than average. Be prepared.
  • Cut the fabric – MCL61 is made from cobalt and has strips running parallel and woven into the fabric. They are easy to manipulate and should apply easily with a roller and fabric glue. The film side of the material should meet with the metal walls inside the box.
  • Apply the glue – The glue comes in either a tube or an aerosol spray. It can be toxic. To ensure your safety, try and apply the paste in a well-ventilated area. Make sure the adhesive is applied to the side going against the metal.
  • Set the pieces – Now that the glue is on, take the pieces and fit them into the box. The adjustments that you measured in the third step will come in handy here. If you measured correctly, they should fit perfectly inside.
  • Roll them down – Use a tiny roller to press down firmly on the fabric. If there are lumps and non-sticking pieces, you have to go back and repair them. The bulges will make the material less effective and could lead to further problems.

What Is An Electromagnetic Field?

Electromagnetic Field

An EMF is an invisible line of force created by electrical or through natural phenomena. These phenomena produce waves that can harm humans and other animals. Though mainly produced by electrical and magnetic forces, EMF functions at different frequencies. They are:

  • Radio (RF) – Pretty self-explanatory. Radio waves allow us to communicate across vast distances. The most common form of RF, or High Radio Frequencies, are the waves that come from cell phone usage. In the last decade, people have become more attuned to the adverse effects of RF devices.
  • Intermediate (IF) – Intermediate waves are the kind that we associate with electronic screens. The field produced is not as strong as that provided by a radio wave. There’s a spectrum of light in IF that can be harmful as well. It is corrected by wearing glasses that filter out the harmful blue light. Blue light has been linked to anxiety and insomnia.
  • Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) – These are the types of waves that come from an almost static flow of electricity. Power lines contain lots of currents but don’t produce a powerful field. When you deal with the massive steel girder power towers, there can be enough of an area to cause cancer. A study in the late 1980s and early 1990s found that children living closer to such power lines were more susceptible to various types of cancer.
  • Static – When you think of static waves, think of an MRI machine. When you are having an X-ray or MRI done, they could cover you with a sheet of lead. This sheet keeps harmful rays from penetrating your body and causing injury or sickness. They both carry massive amounts of power, but the charge that powers them doesn’t move as the other frequencies do. This movement is what causes the maladies connected to EMF’s.

Radio Frequencies (RF)

The most well-known EMF we deal with is RF, radio, or high-frequency radio waves. These waves are so famous because they are the most used by us. Your radio inside your car is the best example.

Large radio stations boast that they have ‘50,000 watts of power!’ in advertisements and commercials. This power range is needed to produce a massive wave that can be ‘skipped’ intercontinental. ‘Skipped’ radio waves are what we get when the sound comes from our device.

The waves were sent into the atmosphere by a large antenna, which is powered by electricity. This is the 10,000 watts they brag about. Excessive power means that a gigantic EMF is created, which boosts the signal of the radio tower.

While RF is powerful, it can be sketchy in its delivery. Several factors determine if you can tune in the broadcast.

  • Time of Day
  • Sunspots
  • Seasons
  • Lunar Cycle

As unreliable as RF can be, it is still used for the technical industry. ‘Shortwave’ as it is called is still used for:

  • Aviation – All ground to air transmissions occur with RF shortwave radio.
  • Boating – Ship to shore transmission is the regular usage of RF.
  • Amateur Radio – Ham radio conventions aren’t as prevalent as they once were. RF provides a way for people to communicate around the globe with specialized equipment.
  • Radar – Military and Commercial radar systems operate in the RF band as well. Weather and enemy troop movements are both tracked with shortwave bursts.

Sources of Radio Frequency Fields

Radiation is the term used to describe the emission of energy from its source. When you talk about RF fields, there are several natural and human-made sources. They are:

  • The Sun – The heat that you feel on the window from the sun’s rays are a form of radiation emission. Sunburn is the focalization of the sun’s rays on unprotected skin. Wearing sunblock or a large hat will cut down your exposure to these rays.
  • Lightning – Lighting produces light and heat when it strikes. The lightning rods you see on older homes are a way to divert this energy from the sky to the ground.
  • Cell phones – The full consequences of long-term use of cell phones are still up in the air. We do know that they produce a strong, powerful RF signal. Having a signal that strong always around your brain must be bad for you.
  • WiFi – Believe it or not, the router in your home puts off a good bit of radiation. As the number of places that offer Wi-Fi increases, so do the odds of you being bombarded by RF waves.
  • Radio/TV – The vast towers that are required to create a robust signal also put off a ton of radiation. Usually, you only see the towers located on the sides of the unpopulated hills.
  • Microwave – Cooking something in your microwave can produce a high RF signal. The concentrated waves that cook your food also make radiation that has been linked to cancer. When you start the microwave, the water particles stored in the food vibrate, causing heat. There has been no link between cancer and the proper operation of a microwave.
  • Radar – The circular screened black and green of your typical radar is iconic. It has been seen in television and movies since its inception. The radar emits RF waves that will cause queasiness and headaches after long term exposure.

Adverse Effects Of EMF Radiation


The bulk of research on the harmful effects of EMFs on people has been in cell phone usage. Having to hold your phone up to your ear could produce cellular warming.

Cellular warming is the most easily identifiable of the effects. The skin warms to temps above average, and it slowly cooks during the duration of the call.

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The main worry is that any amount of radiation could lead to cancer. The waves that travel through your body and cause cellular warming can lead to carcinogenicity. Carcinogenicity is the potential that radiation can create a tumor.

Nervous System – EMF can have a profound impact on the nervous system. Studies done in animals have shown that overexposure to RF waves can cause nerve damage and slow reaction times. The effects on the brain are not entirely known, but the testing that is being conducted shows that EEGs change after bouts with high levels of EMF.

Visual System – We know that computer and phone screens emit low-level EMFs. These waves can cause something called vascular leakage. That means there’s an excess of fluid that leaks from your eyes. It’s like when you have an allergic reaction to pollen or dust. The most troubling thing is a distortion in your vision called phosphenes. Phosphenes are like the aftereffect you get from being in a room with a strobe light. The syncopation of the waves can blur your vision and cause vision loss.

Endocrine System – The most significant change that occurs in the endocrine system is an increase in corticosterone and melatonin. Lack of corticosterone leads to dysfunction in the pituitary gland. The alarming change to the endocrine system on melatonin production could lead to concentration and sleep problems.

Immune System – Exposure to long term EMF waves can have a terrible consequence on your lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are a powerful white blood cell that aids in keeping the cells healthy. When lymphocytes die off, it is harder for the person to defend themselves against viruses and disease.

Cardiovascular System – The body absorbs microwaves just like the chicken you put into the appliance. The main difference is the chicken inside the microwave is receiving concentrated doses that cook the chicken from the inside out. With lower range microwaves, like the ones we get from EMF, there could be alterations to body chemistry from as little as three watts per day.

EMF Waves And Cancer – EMFs can have a very adverse effect when it comes to being exposed for too long. The main thing that is clear from testing is that there is a marked decrease in the size of the sexual organs of male rats when exposed to an excess of waves over time.

Carcinogenicity is the worst possible side effect. The uncommon growth of cells can produce a tumor. These tumors have the potential to be deadly.

Often the treatment for cancer can be as dangerous as the disease itself. As studies go, the effects of EMFs creating cancerous cells are still up for debate. Studies show increased cellular growth and lowering of cognition in some subjects while others remain healthy.

Electromagnetic Spectrum


One of the essential things in our existence is the electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic energy is one of the most abundant sources of energy known to humanity.

It comes in tiny gamma waves up to long radio waves. It makes light visible, and the human body even uses energy from the electromagnetic spectrum. The types of waves encompassed are:

  • Radio Waves
  • Microwaves
  • Infrared
  • Ultraviolet
  • X-Rays
  • Gamma Waves

The waves from the electromagnetic spectrum move at the speed of light and vibrate at different frequencies. These frequencies range from AM radio to nuclear fission and everywhere in between. Some examples of these frequencies from longest to shortest are:

  • AM radio – In the 30s and 40s, there wasn’t a more influential way to reach the family than the AM radio. Music and radio shows dominated the airwaves and laid the foundation for television.
  • The FM radio – When the AM radio began to take off, scientists and inventors began to look for ways to send their signal out to a broader audience. The location and power of stations caused interference, and the band was expanded to encompass the FM spectrum.
  • Cellphones – Your phone works off a frequency from the electromagnetic spectrum, like the radio. It operates in a higher hertz range than a radio between 800 and 1900 hertz. Your cellular provider determines which of these ranges your phone works in. There’s a quick and easy way to find out which range your phone is using. Try this link and once you get there, just enter your zip and click search. A screen will appear that shows you the operating frequency by your cell provider.
  • Microwaves – When you get the cheese whiz bubbling hot, you are using parts of the spectrum. Microwaves contain the radiation on the inside of the oven. Water particles inside the meal vibrate when the microwave oven begins. This vibration causes heat to be created and cooks your food from the inside out. Outside of the home, microwaves are created by large communications equipment that requires large amounts of energy to operate.
  • Optical Window – Not many people have heard of this one. The optical window is the term given to light that falls to Earth through the atmosphere. It is called a window because the sun comes through just as the light comes through a paned glass window. Another reason for the name optical is the fact that we can see this light. Ever notice a strong shaft of light exiting a cloud?
  • Visible Light – Visible light is also known as the color spectrum. These are the colors you see when you filter white light through a prism or on the cover of the Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon. The colors contained in the spectrum are:
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Indigo
    • Violet
  • UV Rays – Ultraviolet rays are unseen by the human eye. The UV spectrum exists between visible light and x-rays. There are unique sunglasses that filter out this frequency, which is usually seen from refraction. The most popular form of UV exposure is sunburn. If you stay too long in the sun with no protection, your skin will blister. Sunburn is a by-product of the frequency of the sun on your skin.
  • X-Rays – X-ray machines save lives. They also put off radiation that will cause cancer if not protected against. When you go in for an X-ray or MRI, you have to remove all metal from your person and body. Then you are covered with a sheet made of lead to protect your insides. As the frequency of these waves begin to get smaller notice of how the health effects become more pronounced.
  • Gamma Waves – These are the waves responsible for nuclear power. Fission occurs inside the reactor, and energy created is pushed out to homes and companies in the area. Famously gamma radiation is a known trope for fantasy and horror stories for the effects that nuclear waste and by-products have on the human body. Nuclear power and waste should be avoided unless you are equipped for it. The toxicity in the air can kill a person in minutes if left untreated.

Signs of EMF Radiation

Now that we know how EMF radiation occurs and how to combat it, we can discuss its effects. The symptoms most associated with electromagnetic field radiation sickness are:

  1. Insomnia
  2. Depression
  3. Dysesthesia
  4. Irritability
  5. Changes in EEG

1. Insomnia

Insomnia is the term for being unable to or maintain steady sleep. EMFs combination of waves and blue light has a startling effect on the body. Sleep disorders can lead to drowsiness and sluggish response times. The two types of insomnia, maintenance, and onset are both linked to excessive EMF radiation.

2. Depression

Depression affects most Americans and can be a severe threat to health if not regulated. Depression is characterized by somber mood and lack of interest in daily life activities. While the leading causes are life events, the electromagnetic spectrum also causes the same effects like depression.

3. Dysesthesia

If you have ever had a burning or itching sensation after sitting with an electronic device on your lap, you might have been experiencing dysesthesia. Dysesthesia leaves the person feeling like bugs are crawling on their skin, or a body part has fallen asleep. This pins and needles feeling is the body’s response to the excess heat and EMF waves.

4. Irritability

A common symptom of EMF radiation is irritability. While stress can always play a role in mood, the constant fallout from your computer or phone is also a contributor. A natural remedy for this is to take a short walk or hit the gym. Once you get some positive endorphins flowing, stress can melt away like hot butter.

5. Changes in EEG

An Electroencephalogram is a device the measures the activity in the brain. In recent studies, the overexposure to EMF waves has been shown to make changes in your EEG.

The excess power from tablets and phones can slowly poison the brain. If you find your EEGs are coming back irregular, taking a break from electronic devices is a definite place to start. While some of us are unable to due to work, most people can break the habit of overindulging in electronic devices.