Top 6 Air Tube Headsets For EMF Protection (GUIDE INCLUDED)

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best air tube headset emf protection

Regarding the progress in technology over the years, both smartphones and their accessories have seen significant advancements. In addition to a variety of camera lenses, cases, and protective screen coatings, we have been strong advocates for air tube headsets.

If you’ve never heard of this product before, don’t worry because I’ve got everything you need to know (and more!) in this brilliant guide. As well as explaining air tube headsets, I’m going to assess the benefits and drawbacks of owning air tube headsets before then finishing with a review of six of my favorite products!

Do Headphones Emit EMF Radiation

This question needs to be first answered before we proceed further.

Wireless headphones emit considerable EMF primarily because they are connected via bluetooth or wifi. As these headphones are placed on the head, the effect of Bluetooth or wifi radiation is maximum. Wired headsets also emit EMF but to a lesser degree than wireless ones.

I recommend you read my article on Bluetooth vs wifi radiation vs cell phone radiation.

Before I proceed further, I highly recommend you take a minute and check out these eBooks by LLoyd Burrell. They’ve made a significant impact on my understanding of EMFs, and I believe they’ll do the same for you.

What’s an Air Tube Headset?

Though you might not think different headsets and earphones can be too different, the main difference between air tube headsets and traditional options is that the latter use a wired connection. For example, those with an iPhone will have wires that lead all the way up to the earpiece itself and this means you’ll be exposed to EMF radiation.

On the other hand, air tube headsets attempt to limit radiation by replacing a section of the wire with a hollow tube. Essentially, a tube of air carries the sound from the device to your ears which not only limits exposure to radiation but also offers a stunning sound experience.

Even for those who never knew about EMF radiation, they’ve tested these types of products and then decided not to return to traditional designs.

While traditional headphones allow listeners to keep the device some distance from their brain, air tube headsets not only reduce the exposure to radiation but also limit it to insignificant amounts.

In terms of the product itself, you’ll still plug the headset into the port and you’ll still be able to listen to your favorite songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. The only difference is that the wired section is kept away from your head by the hollow air section.

If you have other devices for which you normally use headsets, these can still take air tube headsets too because the connecting port is still the same size and shape. Just plug the headset into the jack and you’ll be away!

Benefits of Choosing an Air Tube Headset

If you’re wondering why you should choose an air tube headset, this section should explain everything and the primary reason is the reduction in EMF radiation exposure. Unfortunately, evidence only seems to be growing with regard to the way EMF radiation travels from cell phones to our brains with traditional wired headsets.

If you’re conscious of how much radiation your brain is exposed to from your cell phone, I admire your attention to such problems and point you in the direction of air tube headsets. Using sound waves to carry sound to your ear, it’s believed that a 98% reduction in EMF radiation exposure can be enjoyed with these simple accessories.

In truth, the effect of air tube headsets is two-fold;

  • The initial distance between yourself and your cell phone
  • The additional protection with the air tube

Drawbacks of Choosing Air Tube Headsets

Now we understand the benefits of air tube headsets, are there any drawbacks we should know before investing in the product? In truth, there are two that many encounter (and I’ll explain why these aren’t such problems after all!).

1. Quality of Sound

In this guide, I’m going to bring you six of the best air tube headsets I have tested and they all offer fantastic sound quality. However, they can’t compete with wired headphones because the sound isn’t being played straight to your ear, it’s reaching an external speaker and then traveling to the ear through the hollow tubing.

For those who constantly have headphones in, you’re likely to notice a small difference.

2. Robustness

Secondly, the nature of the rubber tubing means that it isn’t going to be as robust as conventional headphones. Especially when they haven’t been looked after, the tubing can get damaged quite easily.

Looking Past the Drawbacks

Before I go into making suggestions, I should first say that I believe the positives of air tube headsets outweigh the negatives.

Can we really put a price on our brains? By our standards, any device that reduces radiation in the brain should be considered worthy of investment even if the product doesn’t last as long.

Additionally, I’ve spoken to people who have had their air tube headsets for a long time; you just need to handle them with care and use the protective case when they aren’t being used. If you have this mindset, your air tube headsets can prove a loyal companion in the time ahead!

My Favorite Air Tube Headsets

As promised, the final section will recommend six of the best air tube headsets on the market. As well as EMF radiation reduction and sound quality, other factors that I considered while compiling this list were

  • Pricing
  • Design
  • Reviews from customers, manufacturer, and
  • Features

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

Sl NoAir Tube HeadsetEffectiveness (claimed)
1.Tuisy Air Tube EarbudsBlocks upto 99.99% radiation
2.Dr Mercola Blue Tube HeadsetUnknown
3.DefenderShield Air Tube HeadphonesVirtually radiation free
4.Docooler Anti-Radiation Air Tube EarphonesBlocks upto 98% radiation
5.Kinden Binaural Anti-Radiation Air Tube HeadsetBlocks upto 99% radiation
6.RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Air Tube HeadphonesUpto 99.9% protection

1. Tuisy Air Tube Earbuds

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Tuisy Air Tube Earbuds

In no particular order, the first product I want to bring to you is from Tuisy and it has fantastic reviews around the internet.

Affordable and easy to get started, they offer a unique design; so unique that it has been patented by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) just recently. According to Tuisy, users can expect a 99.9% reduction in EMF radiation with this model.

For those who take lots of business and personal calls with headsets, the microphone will allow you to continue this and the small control panel still allows you the control of traditional headsets. Whether you want to adjust the volume, answer calls, or even hang up, you can do all this while not having to remove your phone from your pocket.

Elsewhere, some air tube headset manufacturers use the tube as the main radiation preventer but Tuisy has gone above and beyond the call of duty by offering no speaker in the earbud (this prevents magnetic radiation!). What’s more, the wire section is shielded with material to limit all radiation moving up the headset.

As you can probably tell, I was really impressed with this product and my surprise continued after learning of the accessories.

As we already know, durability can be a problem with air tube headsets so Tuisy has addressed this by offering a carbon fiber case and replacement earbuds (of different sizes!). Therefore, we have the tools to look after them and keep them in mint condition for some time.

Of all the products I tested for this review, I was perhaps most taken aback by this product and I think you will be too!

2. Dr Mercola Blue Tube Headset

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As the name suggests, Dr Mercola is a brand more accustomed to the alternative medicine and health market. However, the doctor himself has taken an interest in EMF radiation in recent times and this has led to the development of his own product.

Now one of the most influential medical professionals in this particular field, Dr Mercola is a man and brand that can be trusted and he seems to have used his research and medical experience to produce a headset that provides protection.

In terms of features, users will enjoy the following;

Anti-Radiation Design

With this product, the air-filled tubes have clearly been a focal point of the design and they offer one of the best options you’ll find. With absolutely no metal components in tow, sound waves travel up the tube nicely (as we’ll see in the third feature).


Designed by a doctor, it’s perhaps no surprise that this headset is one of the best you’ll find for EMF radiation protection. With severely reduced radiation, we can have peace of mind that we’re doing the right thing for our brains.

Sound Quality

Finally, the brilliant design allows for wonderful sound quality. In fact, I would go as far as saying the Dr Mercola Blue Tube Headset has the best quality of all the products I tested. With so-called ‘advanced acoustic technology’, your ears will welcome the sound just like a normal headset.

Are there any downsides to this product? In my research, I found that some earbuds were shorting out and there also seems to have been some problems with the microphone. As a result of these problems, I would have to say that Tuisy takes the victory in a direct comparison. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the Dr Mercola headset.

3. DefenderShield Air Tube Headphones

DefenderShield Air Tube Headphones

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Or read my review

Of the six products I am talking about today, this is probably the one I would recommend if I had to pick only one and I think their users would probably agree.

While many people flick from one product to another, very few people try the DefenderShield air tube headphones and then feel the need to keep looking and this is perhaps the biggest compliment would could pay.

While a common complaint of air tube headsets is the ‘tinny’ sound quality, the word we would use to describe the sound quality in these is ‘complete’.

Somehow, everything sounded fuller and the shallow sound had gone during my tests. Although some companies focus too much on the tube and limiting radiation that they forget about the earbud itself, DefenderShield has clearly considered every aspect of the headset and it means we’re lucky enough to enjoy the sound experience.

As we’ve seen with other options, the DefenderShield has a microphone which acts as a control panel if you want to pause the music (or whatever you choose to listen to on a daily basis!). However, a feature that you won’t find all too often is a small magnet on the back of each earbud. Why is this useful? Well, it means they snap together when not in use and you can store them away without fear of them getting damaged or tangled (the bane of all our lives, right?).

Even when you’re exercising or walking around, the headphones can wrap around the neck and then snap together and they won’t go anywhere.

Although not a necessity, I also like the three rubber earbuds at different sizes. For many years, earbuds have been universal but manufacturers seem to be finally realizing that we all have different ear sizes and therefore need options for comfortability.

After ordering these headphones, I recommend getting them straight in and listening to your favorite song. By choosing a song with which you’re familiar, you’ll be able to give a good assessment.

Once they’re in and the music is playing, put your feet up, close your eyes, and just enjoy the music. If you’re anything like me, you’ll love the quality and you’ll be more than happy with your investment.

How much do they cost?

For many, they see the price of the DefenderShield Air Tube Headphones and they immediately click away because they ‘can find cheaper options’.

Before you click off this tab and research the price, I urge you to keep in mind the quality and reliability we’ve discussed here. Yes, you will pay slightly more for these headphones but I believe the extra investment is worth it for the better quality and added features!

4. Docooler Anti-Radiation Air Tube Earphones

Docooler Anti-Radiation Air Tube

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Now that we’ve found our favorite, is it worth carrying on? Well, I always like to provide options and I feel there are some other manufacturers who deserve some credit for their products. For example, the earphones from Docooler are…well, pretty cool.

With good sound quality and a great choice of design, I think Docooler is worth a consideration and especially since it has probably the best microphone of all the headsets on this list. When talking with friends and hearing about their latest life stories, the quality is clear and people we spoke to also said they could hear us clearly.

In terms of radiation protection, Docooler has actually introduced a number of features including;

  • Dual sonic concentrators
  • Stretch-proof air tubing
  • Shielded metal wire

With a great microphone and a cool design, why am I not recommending this product with more enthusiasm?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any form of protective case. Of course, we aren’t exactly used to being provided with carry cases for our headsets but I think this is important for air tube earphones. If you have a glasses case or any other case in the home, this isn’t so much of a problem so keep this in mind.

5. Kinden Binaural Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headset

Kinden Binaural Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headset

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Now, we come to Kinden and a name that has more experience in this particular niche than most. Thanks to this experience, their latest air tube headset offers a number of benefits.


With a curved design, these earphones will wrap around your ear which makes them a great option for those who worry about the earpieces falling out every few seconds. Additionally, it becomes useful for those who work out and need some stability during excessive movement.

Air Tube

Secondly, there’s a contrast in colors between the wired section and the air tube section which is unique. While the wired section is black, the air tube is clear and, for us at least, this adds a bit of character to earphones (since they’re normally just one color – and dull!).

Radiation Protection

According to the manufacturers themselves, EMF radiation can be reduced by 99% thanks to a longer air tube, shielded metal wire, and other features.

Extra Features

Even after this, we still aren’t done because Kinden has included a good microphone and noise-canceling ear tips (something that not all earphones offer).

With all these features considered, you might expect a high price but this is actually the cheapest on the list. If you’re just starting to build interest in air tube headsets but don’t want to go all out just yet, Kinden has provided us with the perfect beginner air tube headset. With only a small investment, you can see what all the fuss is about before moving onto a more expensive model (or you could keep these if you’re getting on well!).

6. RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headphones

Finally, we reach our sixth and final suggestion in the shape of RadiArmor. Somewhere between cheap and expensive, these headphones offer great quality with sound and, compared to holding a cell phone, RadiArmor say that radiation is reduced by 99.9%. Compared to traditional headphones, the reduction is smaller but still significant at 97%.

Why should you choose this product over every other we have here today? For me, it would be for the one-touch call answering button.

Once you couple this with the microphone on the wired section of the headphones, you have yourself all you need to talk with friends, family, and even your boss while they call for the seventh time of the day to check up on the latest report (we understand your pain!).

Additionally, I like the long cord because this allows for freedom while working out and even while driving; you can put your phone in the cup holder or even the passenger seat and the cord will be long enough to move your head freely.

All in all, their mid-range price probably tells us all we need to know about the mid-range product. You’ll find better products, but you’ll also find plenty worse than this RadiArmor design.

How Do I Choose an Air Tube Headset?

If you’re still reading, I appreciate your attention because I’ve just thrown a lot of information your way. While some devices have a great microphone, others excel in sound quality and it can be hard to keep track of each product’s important features. With this, you’re probably wondering ‘how do I know which one to choose?’ and this is a good question.

Ultimately, I believe it comes down to your needs. If you’re someone who talks on the phone lots with earphones, you’re going to need air tube earphones that have a high-quality microphone. If you never speak on the phone in this way, you can ignore this feature and focus more on sound quality.

Although I hate to say it, the clumsy people among us will probably need a carry case more than most. If you find yourself tripping over freshly-cut grass (we all know somebody like this!), make sure you have the protection for your air tube earphones otherwise you’ll be shopping for a second set very quickly.

Furthermore, the design can play an important role depending on your needs. As we saw with the Kinden headset, they curve around the ear and stay in place even if you’re running on a treadmill or playing basketball. For others, they don’t need this level of stability.

As long as you consider YOUR needs, you’ll take the first step to finding the right headphones. If necessary, feel free to grab a notebook and write down the most important features for you. From here, you can find a product that matches your needs rather than doing it the other way around and picking up a product that just doesn’t do the job.

Final Thoughts About Air Tube Headsets

There we have it, you should now know what air tube headphones are, the benefits of using them, their potential drawbacks, and six fantastic products to get you started. If you’re worried about EMF radiation and are serious about reducing the radiation our bodies and brains are exposed to on a daily basis, a product of this type will be a fantastic step to take.

Once you’ve bought your own air tube headphones, you can tell all your friends too and ensure they’re steering clear of radiation concerns. Soon enough, they’ll be more common and we can all fight towards a healthier future one step at a time!

Thanks for reading! Do share this article and check out my recommended products for EMF protection.