Best iPad And Tablet Radiation Protection Case

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Radiation protective cases come in handy for protection against harmful EMF radiation.

There are numerous EMF radiation protection cases, but none beats the Defendershield tablet protection case (check current price on Defendershield website).

This case will protect you from exposure to EMF radiations whenever you are using your tablet or iPad. This protection case is handcrafted and promises to block up to 100% of radiations that you might be exposed to.

In addition, the Defendershield case comes in different sizes which will ensure that you get a perfectly fitting case for your tablet irrespective of the brand and model.

Radiations Blocked By The Defendershield Universal Tablet Protection Case

There are many forms of EMF radiations and this protective case for your tablet will certainly block all of them.

The Defendershield protection case promises to serve you effectively, thus, ensuring you enjoy a great experience whenever you are using your tablet or iPad.

This protection case enjoys backing from the FCC certified lab testing. The advanced technology adopted in building this protection cases will ensure that any EMF that is emitted from your tablet does not reach you.

Among the EMF radiations blocked by this protective case include:

    • Extremely low-frequency Radiation (ELF radiation)
    • Wi-Fi radiation (RF radiation)
    • Cellular radiation (RF radiation)
  • Heat radiation

So, what are the benefits of using the Defendershield protection case? Here is an overview.

Benefits Of The Defendershield Universal Radiation Protection Case

Staying clear of any EMF radiations will go a long way in ensuring that you stay healthy and enjoy a great experience when working on your tablet since you will be fully secured from the harmful EMF’s.

Among the numerous benefits of using this protective case include:

Protects against all types of EMF’s

Since there are various types of EMF radiations, it is important that you acquire a protective case that is not selective when blocking the radiations.

The Defendershield case does not conduct selective blocking but instead blocks all types of EMF’s that may be emitted by your phone.

Compatible with various brands

To enjoy the best user experience, the protective case is designed to be used with various tablet brands such as iPads and Galaxy.

This compatibility can largely be attributed to the fact that this protective case comes in different sizes.

Quality material

A tablet is arguably an important gadget that helps you to accomplish various tasks on a daily basis. And since it helps in your personal development, you are assured of getting value for your money through a quality product.

This protective case is 100% handmade and is built from durable material which will ensure that it withstands any conditions that may cause wear and tear.

In addition, the design adopted in manufacturing this case will play a key role in enhancing the beauty of your tablet.

Before I proceed further, I highly recommend you take a minute and check out these eBooks by LLoyd Burrell. They’ve made a significant impact on my understanding of EMFs, and I believe they’ll do the same for you.

Features Of The Defendershield Universal Tablet Protection Case

The Defendershield case is arguably the most unique EMF protection case courtesy of its unique features. These features are also responsible for the great experience you enjoy, and they include:

Body and tablet protection

Imagine getting two services from a single product. Now that is the perfect definition of value for your money.

The Defendershield protective case will protect your body from exposure to radiations and at the same time, protect your tablet from wearing out.

This tablet protective case has a hard exterior and soft interior lining which absorbs shock which is caused by bumps and falls.

Flip design

The flip design adopted by the protective case will ensure that the tablet’s screen is protected.

In addition, the flip top will act as a stand for your tablet which will ensure you enjoy a great landscape view from the tablet.

Slim and lightweight

To enhance your overall experience when using your tablet and the protective case, the case is ultra slim to ensure it perfectly fits on your tablet.

On the other hand, the protective case is light which makes it possible to use the case on every occasion.

So, go ahead and get the Defendershield tablet protection case.

Tablet/iPad Radiation Shield Cases – Buying Guide

These sleek looking gadgets, the tablet and iPad, are just two of the many electronic devices that we seem not to be able to live without. I personally have a tablet, and I’m always on the lookout for even more latest versions of what I have.

Probably, like you, I never gave much thought to anything else but the pleasure I derived from using my devices. It makes my work easier and makes life a bit more enjoyable.

I believe it is the same for you, too. And you may be asking why anything relating to your tablet apart from its many different functions, should concern you.

Well, we are not alone in that line of thinking as the other billions around the world that use or are around people who use such devices.

But we should care for there are major health problems that develop from exposure to radiations that come from the parts inside our phones powering the phone systems.

What we know so far

Concerns about how radiations from phones affect our health pushed the US government to fund a study that tried to find out the link between exposure to radiation, and the development of health conditions.

It found that exposure to phone radiations was the cause of some very serious health conditions. It was found to be responsible for the deterred brain growth in some children and was also linked to conditions like Alzheimer’s, asthma in children, childhood obesity, cardiac stress, etc.

You may be reading this and already getting worried. It is a good sign. We must all take precautions if we want to live long healthy lives. This can start with you reducing your exposure to such radiations.

As concerns iPads and tablets, they both emit dangerous amounts of Electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which are known to impact negatively on our health.

All tablet computers like the iPad mini use radio frequency signals such as the Wi-fi or 3G/4G to help them connect to the internet. Unless your device is in off or airplane mode, it will constantly be transmitting EMR.

As you carry your phone about, using it for whatever tasks, what powers them are small electronic components that produce EMR as they function.

With many of us, we go about our daily activities carrying our tablets close to us. It is smaller than the laptop but bigger than smartphones; meaning, it offers a lot in terms of functionality and convenience. 

The constant use of these devices exposes us to very low radiations which are around us for hours every day. This exposure spells doom in the long run as certain health issues will surely come up with time.

So, how can you protect yourself from EMR coming from your device?

We have seen what these waves do and where they come from. So, you may want to know how to protect yourself from such radiations. Well, there are a few things you can do to prevent such waves from doing maximum havoc.

Firstly, you can limit exposure to the radiation by putting your tablet on airplane mode. When you are not using it, simply put it off, especially, when you are sleeping.

As much as possible, keep your device away from the room if it must remain on. You should not sleep with your device under your pillow. Given the proximity of your head to the device for the whole night, it is not safe.

Use a pillow between your lap and your device as you use it. It reduces or attenuates the radiation during that time.

Get a tablet/iPad radiation shield

Such useful devices were invented to be of aid to us, and that is what they can continue to do. But to enjoy what they offer without any worries of what the effects can be if you remain exposed to the harmful radiation coming from them, you must take certain precautions.

Just go order a radiation shield for your device. There are several high-quality shields on sale. It has been proven that these quality shields protect you from such harmful radiation.

Going from what researchers say and the need to indeed keep healthy, a protective shield over your tablet will help you in achieving that. It has been proven that such shields with quality can cut off up to 100% of all EMRs coming from a protected device.

When you go for your shield, get to know the reviews about any such products and go for the best. Not all of them are of high quality.

Check Amazon for the various types out there for sale and make a choice but please, do not ignore the dangers attached to using a tablet or iPad which always proves deadly for the most exposed people in the long run.

A few more general measures to take

Apart from that, you can take a few more measures to reduce the amount of radiation around you. These may include;

  •         You can always get an EMR meter, which will show you a reading of the intensity of EMR levels in your house coming from the different sources.
  •         Get rid of or reduce the number of any other dangerous electronics which are found in your house which may contribute to the creation of dirty electricity, that is, electricity that is not being used and interacts with EMRs making their effects even worse. Examples of these include electronic mattresses, heating pads, etc.

Final Thoughts

Your tablet is an important accessory thus it should be highly protected. On the other hand, your health is more important, and you should strive to stay healthy.

However, the various radiations we are exposed to on a daily basis can have a huge toll on your health.

Fortunately, the defendershield universal tablet protection case will come in handy in ensuring that you are safe from EMF radiations. In addition, your tablet is also protected to ensure it lasts for long.

That said if you are worried about exposure to EMFs while using your smart device and are looking for ways to eliminate the radiations, be sure to acquire the Defendershield tablet protection case.