How to Detox When You’re EMF Sensitive

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As an EMF expert, I often get people asking me how to detox when you’re EMF sensitive. So I did some research to find the best ways to reduce the levels of EMF radiation in your body. Here’s a quick answer:

Aside from reducing overall exposure, the best way to detox when you’re EMF sensitive is to earth yourself as much as possible, as this increases your levels of negative electrons. Another suggestion is to eat foods high in antioxidants, as these work from the inside out.

In this article I’ll offer some of my top tips for detoxing against EMF radiation. While these are particularly relevant for those with EMF sensitivity, they actually work for everyone.

What is EMF sensitivity?

As you may already know, EMF radiation refers to energy produced on the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes radio waves, visible light, and other electromagnetic energies.

Some of these are known as ionizing, such as X-rays and gamma radiation, whereas others are known as non-ionizing, which includes radio waves. We’re all exposed to radiation in our everyday lives; it affects some people more than others.

The proper term for this is electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), and as the name suggests, it refers to people who are negatively affected by levels of EMF radiation well below what’s considered unsafe.

The biggest issue with this condition, however, is that many of the symptoms can be attributed to other conditions, and doctors will generally diagnose it as something else. However, those with EHS know all too well what the condition feels like.

Some of the most commonly recognized symptoms include:

  • Trouble sleeping (either insomnia or difficulty waking up)
  • Fatigue
  • Restlessness
  • Burning skin or rashes
  • Mental health issues, such as depression
  • Muscle pain
  • Loss of appetite and nausea

As you can see, the symptoms can be wide-ranging, and people with EHS may experience all, some, or none of these symptoms. Generally speaking, it affects people differently but most recognize their symptoms getting worse when exposed to EMF radiation.

How does EMF radiation affect the body?

EMF radiation

One of the reasons scientists believe there is a link between EMF radiation and cancer is because of its relation to free radicals. These are created in the body when cells are impacted by radiation, which results in unstable atoms.

Atoms have electrons in their outer shell, and an atom is only considered stable when its outer shell is full of atoms. Sometimes atoms bond together, sharing electrons, which is what makes free radicals.

This is particularly common with oxygen atoms, which become unstable when split and look to bond quickly with other substances in the body. When this happens too much, it’s known as oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress can lead to a number of diseases, including cancer, which is literally the growth of unstable/incorrect tissues in an area of the body.

One scientific study found a link between EMF radiation exposure and higher free radical concentrations in the body, which implies that it leads to mutation of molecules inside the body.

While this isn’t purely experienced by people with EHS, they’re generally much more aware of the effects of EMF radiation on the body. Luckily, there are ways to detox against EMF radiation, and by extension free radicals.

How to detox against EMF radiation

There are several ways to detox when you’re sensitive to EMF radiation. Even if you’re not, I’d recommend trying some of these options, as going on a detox is never going to be a bad thing.

How often should you detox against EMF radiation? As a minimum, try to detox 2-3 times a year, but obviously do it more often if you suffer from EHS, as detoxing will at least help you manage the symptoms a bit easier.

Obviously don’t just go for one detox method; try several. Some of these suggestions are more about lifestyle changes anyway, so there won’t be any harm in trying a few.

1. Reduce your EMF exposure

The first obvious option is to reduce your overall exposure to EMF radiation, particularly if you’re sensitive to it. Aside from the obvious suggestion of limiting time around electronic devices, try the following things:

Put Faraday cages around your devices. Faraday cages are metal boxes that block EMF radiation from escaping. These can do wonders to radiation levels in your home, and are best used on devices like Wi-Fi routers and smart meters.

Try a phone shield. Similarly, buy an EMF shield for your cellphone (Amazon link). These work in the same way as a Faraday cage and essentially block radiation from escaping. This is particularly useful if you have to carry a phone, but doing so makes you feel uncomfortable. Check out my list of best cellphone shields.

Limit your time around devices. For example, try not to spend all day in front of the TV or computer, as these are notorious sources of EMF radiation. Another suggestion is to use wired devices where possible, as Bluetooth is just another kind of EMF radiation.

2. Ground yourself regularly

You might have heard the term grounding (or earthing) in relation to electrical circuits. If so, you might be wondering what it’s doing on this list, but it’s actually very helpful!

If you haven’t heard of it, grounding is simply the process of connecting your body to the earth. The easiest way to do this is to walk barefoot on exposed ground, such as the beach, grass, or bare earth.

Grounding has been addressed in a number of scientific studies. One study found that grounding positively impacts the body’s immune defense system, and another study found that it could reduce the effects of pain.

But how does it work? The earth has a magnetic field of negatively charged electrons, which can help to counteract the buildup of free radicals and other forms of pollution in the body.

As a result, grounding can effectively “clean up” high levels of positively charged electrons floating around in your body that are leftover from EMF radiation exposure.

The best advice is to ground as often as possible, more so if you live in a city. Similarly, ground yourself as far away from busy places as possible. Try to not use inner-city parks, as EMF radiation levels will still be high there.

The best options are the countryside or the beach. When it comes to how to ground, your options are:

  • Walking barefoot on exposed ground
  • Lying down on the ground
  • Submersing in a natural body of water (lake or ocean, but not a swimming pool)

3. Use a grounding device

If you’re unable to regularly make your way out to the countryside just to ground yourself, there are some other options you can try. Most notably are grounding devices such as blankets, sheets, and mats.

This grounding sheet (Amazon link) for example, is made from conductive carbon. You simply put it on your bed and then plug it into a wall outlet. Don’t worry, it’s not electrically powered, but relies on the socket’s grounding plug for a negative charge.

There are also grounding pads (Amazon link) and grounding sheets, all of which function in the same way. This means there are several options to try depending on your lifestyle and needs.

My preferred option would be a bedsheet, as this will allow you to be grounded for the longest time possible. However, the grounding pads are also a good option, particularly if you meditate.

You should use a grounding device as often as possible, particularly if you’re sensitive to EMF and need to detox. Using one will help you to reduce the symptoms of EMF exposure and so they’re definitely worth the investment.

4. Introduce spirulina into your diet


Spirulina is essentially a type of algae, and among other things has become popular as a natural green food coloring because it’s largely flavorless. However, it has a number of surprising health benefits.

One such effect is its use as a powerful antioxidant. One study even found it has a number of positive effects on the immune system too.

How does this work in relation to EMF exposure? In short, spirulina has a negative ionic charge, and much like grounding, this acts against free radicals and EMF buildup in the body.

That said, it’s worth taking spirulina just for its antioxidant benefits. But if you suffer from EHS, it can also be a great way to reduce the negative impacts of this illness.

The easiest way to ingest it is to put a spoonful in a smoothie every morning. Recipes such as this one contain loads of excellent ingredients, and they’re really easy to modify too. Alternatively, you can simply take it as supplements.

5. Create an EMF free zone

Realistically it might be impossible for you to create an area completely free of EMF radiation because it’s so prevalent in our lives. However, if you’re trying to detox from EMF radiation then it makes sense to have a low EMF area.

Perhaps the best place to do this would be your bedroom, as they’re generally areas with less EMF radiation anyway, and it gives you somewhere comfortable to enjoy your detox.

The first step should be to remove sources of EMF radiation, such as Wi-Fi routers and your phone. Ensure there are no electronic devices in your space, and if there are, ensure they’re turned off and unplugged.

Along with this, consider installing some EMF blocking devices, such as this EMF radiation bed canopy (Amazon link). Your aim is to make EMF levels as low as possible so that you can get on top of your detox. Check out my top recommendations for EMF bed canopies.

If you live in an apartment or busy area, this will of course be difficult to achieve, as you’ll have everyone else’s EMF radiation to compete with too. However, minimizing the amount of EMF radiation in your home will be a good step towards the problem.

As EMF radiation levels decrease exponentially with distance, perhaps the best option for your EMF free space is to put it as far away from your neighbors as possible. While this won’t completely remove the problem, it’ll certainly reduce it.

6. Eat a diet high in antioxidants


Other than reducing the amount of EMF radiation you’re exposed to, one of the best solutions for detoxing from it is to treat it like any other detox. After all, the biggest issue is how EMF radiation creates free radicals, so this should be the thing to focus on.

If you’re sensitive to EMF radiation, you might find that a diet high in antioxidants will actually improve your sensitivity, along with reducing the number of free radicals in your body.

This logic is true for a large number of health conditions, as a good diet can improve immune response and brain function, and lower things like cholesterol, which can have a negative impact on your body’s overall health.

While any antioxidant-rich diet would do the job, I’d recommend focusing specifically on foods high in vitamins C and E, Omega-3, zinc, and selenium. These are all linked to good immune health, which should be your priority.

For example, focus on the following foods:

  • Almonds and walnuts
  • Spinach
  • Citrus fruit (oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes)
  • Eggs
  • Salmon, mackerel and other oily fish
  • Strawberries, cherries, and kiwi

There are plenty of guides online about how to build a diet around EMF toxicity so you won’t be short of information. It’s also worth noting that this kind of diet is incredibly easy to turn vegetarian or vegan.

Of course, another option is to take dietary supplements, but these should never be used in place of a good diet. If you have no other option, then go ahead, but don’t rely solely on them.

Some final thoughts

Detoxing from EMF radiation when you’re sensitive to it isn’t a particularly difficult task. Using things like a good diet will hopefully also reduce the symptoms along with managing the detox.

If you’re particularly sensitive to EMF radiation, then the best advice I can give is to modify your lifestyle. By reducing exposure levels you should effectively reduce the symptoms, which can be debilitating at times.