The Best Laptop Radiation Shields

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As it happens with all electronic devices, laptops generate an electromagnetic field that carries radiation.

While it is not the nuclear kind of radiation that can kill you, prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation that comes from your laptop can certainly harm you in the long run.

Therefore, you should consider getting a laptop radiation shield, especially, if you spend several hours with your laptop next to you.

Here are four of the best laptop radiation shields that are available. The Defenderpad tops my list and is the one I recommend. Click on the links to check current prices.

1. DefenderPad Laptop Radiation & Heat Shield

DefenderPad Laptop Radiation & Heat Shield

The DefenderPad Laptop Radiation & Heat Shield (check price on Defendershield website) offers multi-layer protection, not only from the EMF radiation that your laptop emits but also from the heat that could lead to some health issues; while at the same time, preventing your laptop from overheating.

Multiple-Layer Shielding

The multi-layer design of this radiation and heat shield allows it to block almost 100% of all the four types of EMF radiation that your laptop generates.

Heat Protection

Research has indicated that heat from laptops can lead to some health issues when placed on the lap or stomach.

The DefenderPad shield absorbs the heat from laptops, thereby, offering protection to the body.

FCC Certified

The radiation shield technology of the Defenderpad has been certified by the FCC after being tested comprehensively in labs.

Anti-Slip and Thermal-Resistive

The design of the shield also protects your laptop from slipping which makes it a great accessory even at your desk.


It fits every laptop up to a 17-inch screen, including PC and MAC. In my opinion, this is the best feature since most shields are not universal.

2. SYB Laptop Pad

SYB Laptop Pad

The SYB Laptop Pad is yet another great option for protecting yourself from the radiation and heat that comes from your laptop. I think that some of the best features of this shield are:

Total EMF Protection

It blocks 92% of Wi-Fi radiation, 92% of Bluetooth radiation, 92% of ELF radiation, and over 99% of the heat from your laptop.


It can be used with laptops, notebooks, and tablets up to 14 inches.

Shields, but doesn’t interfere

This laptop radiation shield doesn’t interfere with the normal operation of your laptop or tablet, and it also prevents overheating by deflecting the heat that naturally comes from underneath your laptop.

The radiation is, therefore, deflected away from your body in general.

Lifetime Warranty

The SYB Laptop Pad comes with a lifetime warranty, which is rare in laptop radiation shields.

The people at SYB have so much confidence in their product, that they guarantee 100% satisfaction for life. In my opinion, it is truly something amazing.

New and Improved Shipping

A problem that is more frequent than you would think, is that sometimes when you order a shiny new laptop radiation shield, and it arrives, it comes damaged.

Since radiation can pass through the tiniest crack or defect in the shield, you need a replacement; and even if you manage to get one for free –in case the company offered a warranty, it may take days to get your new shield.

To avoid these unnecessary complications, the SYB laptop pad features new and improved packaging to guarantee that your laptop shield arrives in mint condition.

3. The HARApad Laptop Shield

HARApad Laptop Shield

The HARApad laptop shield is a stylish solution for your radiation shield needs. It has many features I loved, such as:


It can be used on any laptop from any brand for screens up to 15 inches.

Radiation Protection

It provides laptop radiation shielding capable of blocking ELF, RF, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth radiation.

Heat Protection

It also blocks the heat that comes from your laptop to avoid health issues that come with prolonged exposure, while at the same time, protecting your laptop against overheating.

The EMF and EMR shielding featured in the HARApad laptop Shield are military-grade. This is something I found amazing and, to be honest, I didn’t believe it at first. But then I did some research, and it turned out to be true.

Final Thoughts

A laptop is the kind of device that, when you have it, you use it for several hours in a row.

Whether you use your laptop for work, for school, or just for entertainment, it is very likely that you open it in the morning and don’t close it until before going to sleep.

While they are powerful tools that allow us to do great things, they can be somewhat harmful to be around, especially since we are always physically close to them for extended periods of time.