Best EMF Shielding Paint (YShield Review)

Best EMF Shielding Paint YShield Review

When it comes to EMF radiation protection, EMF shielding paint is one of the most effective products money can buy. In my quest for ultimate EMF protection, I’ve tested plenty of different makes of EMF shielding paint, and I’ve found that one of the BEST available is YShield EMF Protection Paint (check prices on Amazon). In … Read more

The Best Dirty Electricity Filters (Greenwave Review)

best dirty electricity filter greenwave review

Most of us are unaware of the harm that dirty electricity in our homes can cause. Dirty electricity filters are the solution and from personal experience, I can vouch for the Greenwave Filters (check their website). At the outset, I want to make it clear that these filters reduce the amount of dirty electricity considerably … Read more

Best Smart Meter Radiation Shield

smart meter radiation shield

Smart Meters emit very high levels of EMF radiation and it is important that you shield yourself and your loved ones from the ill effects that they cause. There are two best brands for Smart Meter Shields Smart Meter Covers (check prices on the official website) Smart Meter Guard (Check prices on Amazon) My personal … Read more

Best iPad And Tablet Radiation Protection Case

Best iPad And Tablet Radiation Protection Case

Radiation protective cases come in handy for protection against harmful EMF radiation. There are numerous EMF radiation protection cases, but none beats the Defendershield tablet protection case (check current price on Defendershield website). This case will protect you from exposure to EMF radiations whenever you are using your tablet or iPad. This protection case is handcrafted and … Read more

Best Anti EMF Radiation Air Tube Headset

Best Air Tube Headset

EMF’s mostly originate from the electrical appliances we use in our daily activities. Among the major sources of EMF radiation are headphones which are harmful. So, how can you avoid exposure to EMF’s from headphones? Well, you simply need to get EMF free headphones such as the Defendershield Air Tube Headset (website link). This is the … Read more

Best Anti Radiation Maternity Clothes

EMF radiation is no doubt a thorn in the flesh, and this issue continues to worsen courtesy of the ever-growing production of electronic devices. There are numerous forms of EMF radiation and are usually emitted by the electronic gadgets we use on a daily basis. To reduce the chances of being exposed to these radiations, … Read more