The 8 Best Low EMF Electric Stoves

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You may believe that EMFs are dangerous to be around. Even though EMF electric stoves emit frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, the electric stoves do not cause much harm to the body. However, it’s best to go for low EMF electric stoves if you’re looking to purchase one.

Electric stoves are becoming more popular in everyday kitchens. If you are looking to upgrade your stove, it would be best to know what the better low EMF electric stoves are. Below is a list to narrow down the choices.

8 Best Low EMF Electric Stoves

EMF is the electromagnetic field that any electric stove gives off. Most electric devices in your home give off an electromagnetic field. Electric stoves cook food faster than gas stoves and the electric stoves have lighting cues to let you know that it is on. Gas stoves emit flames that could potentially catch on to anything and start a small fire.

You will notice that most of these models have a safety feature that stops a burner from coming on if there is no cookware. This feature will only work effectively if the cookware is made out of cast-iron or stainless steel.

1. General Electric PS950SFSS Slide-In Double Oven

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GE gives you an electric double oven with five burners. It has a black touchscreen that is covered in glass. There is a lock button for the burners and ovens. This will stop anyone from turning on any part of the range when you are cleaning it. The electric oven has a self-clean feature that cleans the inside of the oven and you do not need to scrub that area.

GE has a True European Convection with Precise Air feature that circulates hot air to make your meals evenly heated. When you are checking your food in the oven, it comes with a meat probe. The ovens have three choices:

  • Convection Bake (Only available on the bottom oven)
  • Bake
  • Broil

2. Samsung NE58H9970WS Slide-In Induction Cooking Range

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This electric range has a touchscreen interface and four regular knobs. Like many other electric stoves, it has a lighting cue. Samsung’s Virtual Flame system uses blue LED lights to imitate a blue flame.

Samsung’s Flex Duo feature lets you use a divider to split the oven into two cooking ovens. When you put the divider in, the range will detect it and let you pick the cooking mode to begin preparing your meal.

You will have to purchase your 240V range cord. It is also recommended that you hire a professional to make sure everything is in place.

3. Samsung NE59J7850WS 30” Freestanding Electric Double Range

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The Samsung electric range has a trick up its sleeve. The oven can remain as one whole unit or it can use a special removable divider to make it turn into two ovens that operate separately.

The reason it has two doors to the oven is so that it can keep heat from escaping easily. This makes it more of an energy saver and can save you money in the long run.

There are five burners with the fifth burner being a food warmer. However, there are only four knobs to control the other main burners. Even with five burners, this range is compact enough to fit it anywhere.

There is a special note to make, which tells consumers to be warned that the surface does get rather hot after prolonged use. So, it is recommended that you watch how long you are cooking and how many burners you are using at once.

4. Frigidaire FGIS3065PF 30” Slide-In Electric Range

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With this model, Frigidaire boasts the Quick Preheat feature and the overall swiftness of cooking a meal from start to finish. This slide-in electric range has five burners that allow for more cookware to be used at once.

Frigidaire has a special Steam Cleaning feature that goes on for 20 minutes. This feature is only supposed to lift messes that have either just happened or are easy to clean up. If it is a baked-on mess, then this feature will not help to clean it up.

The vent for the oven is located under the control panel in the front of the range. It is important that you do not block the vent. It is understandable why this can seem cumbersome because most vents are put on the back of the range to promote air circulating.

5. True Induction TI-4B 30″ Electric Built-in Induction Cooktop Stove

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True Induction TI-4B cooktop can be seen in Winnebago RVs and other RVs as well. This True Induction cooktop is 90% energy efficient. The magnetic-based technology is used to help with the cooking process as it uses a magnetic circuit with steel and cast-iron cookware. This means that most of the heat that is created will go directly to your pot to cook your food faster.

Since this is just a cooktop, it can be installed right into a counter which makes the whole thing look seamless. It works on a 240V outlet that uses 7400 watts. This lets you use all four burners at one time.

This cooktop has a safety feature that can register when cookware has been taken off of it. This safety feature will then turn the cooktop off and back on when you the pan back on the surface.

6. GE PHB920SJSS Electric Induction Range

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With this GE electric induction range, you can sync it through your wi-fi to your smartphone to control it wirelessly. You can even change the 12 settings for each burner on your range to your liking at any moment.

This model comes in four different colors that include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Black stainless steel
  • Slate
  • Black slate

7. Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Gallery 30″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop

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One of the better features on this cooktop is that, even if you decide you want to try and turn on a burner with no cookware on top, it will not work. It will only turn on if it detects cookware on its surface.

A potential drawback with this cooktop happens to be in the wiring. It is recommended that you seek a professional to install this cooktop. With the complicated wiring, you could be risking a potential fire, putting you and your family at risk.

8. Evergreen Home 1800W Double Digital Induction Cooker Cooktop

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This Evergreen double induction cooktop is a portable cooktop. It only has two burners to make it fit into a limited space. This 1800-Watt cooktop is used in:

  • RVs
  • Campers
  • Tiny Homes

Evergreen has built this cooktop completely out of a crystal glass plate with no gaps to break up the seamless look. This makes cleanup easy and because it is damage resistant, scratches are easily avoidable.

There 15 temperature settings that come with this induction cooktop. The settings range from 140°F to 460°F and have increments of 20°F. Even though it portable you are still able to do everything a standard induction cooktop can do.

It has a child safety lock to prevent children from turning on the cooktop without your supervision. It also has rounded edges in case children are running and could potentially run into it.

The 4-hour timer turns off the cooktop and resets it. This prevents the cooktop from overheating and being too hot for anyone to touch.

This cooktop also has a magnetic tester that makes sure your cookware works with it. It will produce an “E0” error message if your cookware is not compatible.

Even if you are considering other EMF electric stoves, there are great benefits that you should learn about what comes with purchasing an electric stove.

What Are the Benefits of Electric Stoves?

Electric stoves are a great addition to your kitchen. These stoves are becoming more competitive in prices with gas stoves, that make it obtainable for any homeowner. There are benefits that could persuade anyone to make the change. These benefits include:

  • Speed: Electric stoves are faster than traditional stoves. This allows the electric stove to boil water and prepare meals swiftly.
  • Energy-saver: The U.S. Department of Energy declares that electric stoves are 84% more efficient when dealing with energy transfers. This means little heat escapes between the stove and the pot.
  • Cool cooktop: When you are cooking, the surface below the pot would be the only part that is heated. The rest of the surface would be cool enough to touch. This feature would help you and any younger children stay safe when they are around the stove.
  • Easy cleanup: Because most electric stoves have a glass surface, they are better at being cleaned than stoves with coils. All you have to use is a wet kitchen cloth or sponge to wipe away the spill.
  • Control: electric stoves give you better control of heating temperatures. You can boil, cook or melt at the right temperature that you need it to be.
  • Attractive style: Electric stove look more appealing than standard stoves. They are sleek and modern looking and can be a bought standalone product if needed.
  • Safety: Because an electric stove does not produce fire, paper towels and kitchen cloths do not have the ability to catch fire. An electric stove only heats up an object that has iron in it.

While the electric stoves are able to heat fast, they can also cool down just as quickly. With gas stoves, you have the possibility of a gas leak happening if the oven is not constructed properly. If the knob turns too fast to let go of the gas without it igniting, it could lead to a fire.

Gas stoves require you for your own safety to have a carbon monoxide detector. With gas or electric stoves, be sure that your knobs are all turned off when you are finished cooking.

There are always two sides to a coin. Electric stoves do have their disadvantages, you just have to decide if they are dealbreakers or not.

What Are the Disadvantages With Electric Stoves?

EMF electric stoves are becoming more common as the technology that is implemented into them can now be used by everyday people. However, there are still some disadvantages that have to be tweaked.

The disadvantages of an EMF electric stove are:

  • Price: There are some electric stoves with prices that are comparable to gas. Although, since electric stoves are just now becoming popular, the price is still considerably high for certain models in well-known brands.
  • Specific Cookware: This could be a dealbreaker to some. Most electric stoves use a magnetic field to keep the heat going straight to your cookware. This means that your cookware must be conducive to helping that feature save you energy. Stainless steel or cast-iron works best.
  • Learning: With a new electric stove, there is a lot to learn. Your cookware must be right. You will need to position your pots and pans dead smack in the center of the burner. The lock feature may turn off while you are cooking if you remove the pan from the surface.
  • Overcooked Food: Be careful when cooking. Because an electric stove focuses all of its heat to your cookware, your food will cook faster. If you plan to cook a steak medium-rare, it may require you to watch over more often than you would a gas stove.
  • Sounds: The sound of energy being transferred to your burners may not be of concern to you. To others, there is a humming noise that comes from the stove when the temperature is set on high.
  • Damages: Electric stoves mostly have glass tops. If you slam any cookware onto your surface it will crack. Sliding your pots and pans across the stove could scratch the top up and damage the finish. It is recommended that you use a very soft sponge or cloth to clean any messes.

These are the main concerns of those who are considering purchasing an electric stove. The other concern many have is that they do not know if electric stoves give off radiation or not. Here is what you can learn about electric stoves emitting radiation and what that means for you and your family.

Do Electric Stoves Give Off Radiation?

When you are using an electric stove, it emits the same amount of radiation as your other electronic devices. There is a magnetic field that surrounds each electric conductor when there is an electric current that flows through it.

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The frequency that the electric current operates at will be the same frequency of the electromagnetic radiation. This all stems from the frequency of the electric network which can range from 24 to 60 kHz. The higher the electric current is, the more magnetic radiation there is.

When it comes to the electromagnetic spectrum there seven categories that are the following:

  • Radio Waves (Boombox, speaker)
  • Microwaves
  • Infrared Radiation (TV remote)
  • Visible Light (Light Bulb)
  • Ultraviolet (The Sun)
  • X-Rays (Doctor’s visits that require you to put leaded aprons on)
  • Gamma-Rays (The Hulk)

Your electric stove will be in the same range as the radio waves and the microwave. 

Your electric stove, just as your other devices, will be a power option for your electric field. This means that there are two electric conductors that have two different electric voltages. Your electric devices serve as a power source for this electric field. This process creates an electromagnetic field.

There is no need to be afraid of electric devices. These electric devices help our lives become a little bit easier. Most of the electric devices in your home that you may not think about, have an electromagnetic field. These devices can include:

  • Electric Stove
  • Wi-Fi Router
  • Smartphones
  • Laptop
  • Microwave Oven
  • Gaming Controller
  • Tablets

Radiation comes from the electromagnetic field, and as we step away from those electric devices the levels of radiation drop. With all of the electrical wires and different components that surround our electric devices, they will always give off radiation frequencies. This happens even if your devices are turned off.

So, even if your electric stove is downstairs, remember that electric devices with low-frequency radiation can still go through the walls. Where you place your electric stove could be major, if there is a bedroom on the other side of the wall, that person could be exposed to electromagnetic radiation.