Do Magnets Repel EMF?

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Do Magnets Repel EMF

Many people wonder if magnets do repel EMF radiation. We encounter EMF radiation daily because damaging electro-magnetic fields occur due to alternating currents (AC) of electricity.

AC electricity is necessary to run any type of electrical appliance, computer, or device that you own. However, AC can also interfere with a person’s energy and nervous system, causing people to have headaches or to feel ill when staring at a computer screen for hours.

Do magnets repel EMF? Magnets alone are not generally enough to entirely block or repel EMF radiation. However, particular metals can be magnetized that would then successfully block EMF radiation.

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Since there isn’t a lot of information available on the Internet today about electro-magnetic pollution and how that can make people feel ill, we created this article to help you. Below we’ll discuss how magnets handle EMF radiation, the possible benefits of using objects to repel EMF fields, and how magnets may benefit you.

Using Magnets for EMF Radiation

First, we’ll need to review a few concepts about magnets so that we can explain how magnets work with EMF radiation. Keep in mind that a “magnet” isn’t material in its own right. Instead, when referring to magnets, we mean anything that’s been magnetized.

Many different metals can be magnetized, like cobalt and iron. Most “magnets” that are used for blocking EMF radiation are actually magnetized metals of some sort.

Some elements are “ferromagnetic” when it comes to the earth’s metals, like a lodestone. Ferromagnetic means that these materials don’t totally keep the EMF radiation out; instead, they reduce the strength of the EMF radiation. That’s because as the EMF radiation passes through or nears the ferromagnetic element, it experiences a gradual loss of its force.

So, while it may be difficult for metals and magnets to block EMF radiation entirely, they can decrease the effectiveness of the EMF radiation.

To give you an example of how this works, think about how the walls that surround your room help to keep out sound, but cannot block it. That’s comparable to how ferromagnetic materials act on EMF radiation, reducing its potency without completely blocking out the EMF radiation.

Metals that Block EMF Radiation

Since not all magnets are necessarily capable of blocking or reducing EMF radiation, it’s essential to focus on the magnetized metals that do work well at this capacity, and how well they handle EMF radiation. For instance, a thick piece of iron alone can nearly block all parts of EMF radiation. We can magnetize the iron to make a magnet that blocks EMF radiation.

However, even if we magnetized the iron, nothing about the magnetization process would increase or decrease the iron’s ability to block the EMF radiation. Instead, the iron will continue to block EMF radiation, whether it’s a magnet or not.

For example, if you were to grab one of the flat magnets on your refrigerator and try to see how well it blocked EMF radiation, you’d probably come out of the experiment disappointed. That’s because your regular refrigerator magnets can’t block EMF signals. Some of these cheap little magnets will do more to attract EMF to you than repel it.

Since most refrigerator magnets are made cheaply and feature materials like rubber and plastic, they simply aren’t strong enough to prevent EMF radiation exposure. Refrigerator magnets are quite weak as far as magnets go. That’s because refrigerator magnets use:

  • magnetized iron shavings
  • rubber compounds

These are combined to form the magnet. Since that’s a mix of plastic and rubber, and these two materials do nothing to prevent EMF radiation, your refrigerator magnets cannot help you.

Still, there are some cases where magnets can helpfully prevent EMF exposure. Below we’ll discuss how magnets might help your body better protect itself from EMF radiation exposure.

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Potential Benefits of Using Magnets to Block EMF

Are there any benefits to using magnets to protect you from EMF radiation exposure?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is still debatable since no definitive science exists to suggest that using magnets made specifically for EMF protection will improve your health. However, many people swear by these EMF magnets, including a few experts and alternative health practitioners.

The people that believe in EMF magnets point to the many health benefits they experience when they wear their EMF protection magnets. Those benefits are listed below.

  1. Boosts Your Blood Flow
  2. Decreases Many Forms of Chronic Pain
  3. Decreases Heart Disease
  4. Improve Mood

#1 Boosts Your Blood Flow

Some alternative health practitioners feel that wearing static magnets on your body improves your circulation and blood flow. Much of this has to do with the iron in your blood, which we find in our hemoglobin. Wearing static magnets helps to speed up one’s blood flow capabilities. Boosting your blood flow means you’ll get rid of the toxins and heavy metals in your body faster, so you’ll feel better overall.

#2 Decreases Many Forms of Chronic Pain

Using multi-polar magnets can provide the ability to reduce many forms of chronic pain, like:

  • Carpal tunnel
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pain
  • Headaches
  • Back pain

Some of these pain problems occur because of electro-magnetic exposure, which makes your energy field decrease and creates those painful symptoms. For people that work on computers and stare at computer screens all day, multi-polar magnets can help them focus better because they’ll experience less pain and fewer headaches.

#3 Decreases Heart Disease

Since our blood contains iron, some experts feel that magnetic fields that decrease EMF radiation exposure improves our blood flow, which we mentioned above. Along with improved blood flow, however, is a decrease in the likelihood that you’ll experience heart disease. Since your blood will thin if you use protective magnets, that means your chances of a heart attack will decrease.

#4 Improves Mood

Many other claims have been made about using magnets to reduce EMF fields and the benefits that people can experience. For example, some alternative health practitioners feel that these magnets boost your metabolism and improve your mood as well. However, there is little to no scientific evidence to substantiate any of these claims. Still, many people use these magnets for protection and swear by them, so it’s worth trying out if it improves your health.

EMF Protection Pendants

Many of us fail to consider how much EMF exposure we experience every day. We use all kinds of devices that expose us daily. Some of these devices include:

  • Microwave
  • cell phone
  • Bluetooth devices

You can also experience EMF exposure from being near cell towers. It seems that our bodies are always exposed to EMF radiation, and this exposure could have negative health consequences.