Does Aluminum Foil Block EMF Radiation?

does aluminum foil block radiation

Is it true that Aluminum foil blocks EMF radiation and protects us from it?

Fact is that aluminum foil acts as a barrier or a shield and is, therefore, one of the most suitable materials for protection against non-ionizing radiation emitted from WiFi routers, cell phones and other electronic devices.

For a more detailed explanation, read on.

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Why Protect Ourselves From Radiation?

Exposure to constant or high amounts of Electromagnetic radiations has been known to be dangerous to human health.

Increased rate of Cancer in populations is a direct result of our inescapable exposure to Electromagnetic emissions. Different forms of cancer are a direct result of exposure to EMFs.

Ionization radiation is dangerous because it interacts with living cells. When this happens the ionized cell is affected in one of three ways;

  • The cell dies.
  • The cell repairs itself.
  • The cell mutates incorrectly and becomes cancerous.

Living cells are changed in different ways, but the most vulnerable are the reproduction cells with a reduced specialization such as those that form the fetus.

Ironically, radiation is also used as a form of treatment because it can kill cancerous cells. But this solution is two-faced and must be handled with utmost precision.

Other health problems include;

  • Brain fog
  • Dementia
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Frequent illnesses

The logical solution would be to avoid all forms of EMFs, but this is almost impossible. Therefore, we must find other ways to shield or protect ourselves from EMF radiations.

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Does Aluminum Foil Block EMF Radiation?

Aluminum foil is a standard item in most homes mainly in the kitchen. It is a material with numerous uses both domestically and industrially.

Aluminum foil is manufactured from the abundant element called Aluminum. Its applications include;

  • Packaging
  • Cooking and baking
  • Art and decoration
  • Insulation
  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • Geochemical sampling
  • Ribbon and microphones

Aluminum foil conducts electricity and acts as a shield or barrier preventing the waves from radiating to the other side.

It is this property that makes it suitable for protection against Electromagnetic fields radiation in the home.

4 DIY Ways To Use Aluminum Foil To Block Emf Radiation

1. Shield Electronics Using a Faraday Cage

A mini Faraday cage can be created by lining a box with aluminum foil. Ensure that the box is lined entirely and secured with any form of adhesive or tape.

This mini faraday cage can be used to block radiation between you and electronics. Merely place the cage to block the signals especially when the appliance is not being used.

Also, everyone can learn to place their phones in mini Faraday cages while not in use. It is most efficient to do this at night or while you sleep.

2. Shield Wifi Routers

Most homes today have a home router for Wifi signals. This device is a source of Electromagnetic radiation (read my article) and can be shielded using a Faraday cage.

Create the Faraday cage without a base, then place it over the router.

To complete the shield place a single sheet of aluminum foil underneath the router. This will block the Wifi signal but is useful when it is not in use.

3. Shield Phones by Modifying Phone Cases

Phones are one of the most dangerous sources of radiation because they are with us every moment of every day. Some people sleep holding their phones; others always have them close by.

We can shield our phones by modifying the phone cases to protect against EMF radiation.

Purchase an aluminum foil tape and line the inside of the phone case with the foil. You can double or triple this layer to reinforce the shield.

You can also line both sides of the case but lining the side that faces your skin and ears is more important.

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Watch this video on YouTube.

4. Shield Rooms with Aluminum Foil

Shielding an entire room with aluminum foil involves lining the room.

While this may not be an appealing idea for most people, it can work for others. People who already suffer from the effects of prolonged exposure to EMF radiation can find this useful.

Line your rooms especially the bedroom with aluminum foil to protect yourself from further exposure at home.

Using these methods as a guide, you can think of more creative ways to put Aluminum foil to good use against Electromagnetic radiations.

Benefits of Aluminum Foil For Protection Against EMF Radiation

Cost and Availability

Aluminum foil is inexpensive, and this makes it a very comfortable choice. It is also readily available in stores.

Other methods of protecting against EMF radiation may not come so cheaply or efficiently.


Aluminum foil is a tested and effective way to protect yourself and your home from unnecessary exposure.

Other Methods of Using Aluminum

We have discussed how Aluminum foil is effective in blocking Electromagnetic radiation. However, it is important to note that keeping radiation outside your home is safer than leaving them bouncing around which is what some shielding techniques do.

Therefore, to avoid this, you can employ the use of Aluminum screens or Aluminum mesh. Aluminum screens or mesh can easily be fitted to windows, doors, and other surfaces to adequately shield from Electromagnetic radiation.

Also, note that while using the screens or mesh, sources of radiation are better left outside the home. The Aluminum screens or mesh keep the radiation out of your home and not bouncing around within.

Aluminum tapes are another material you can use in the place of aluminum foil. They are equally inexpensive, firm, sticky, and offer more control. However, they might not be so easy to peel off so, be conscious of where you stick them.

Other metals that block Electromagnetic radiation include iron, steel, and copper.

Copper is easily used as a film or mesh to build Faraday cage and serve as window or door screens. Copper like Aluminum does not absorb EMF but instead blocks it.

Other methods of Protecting against EMF Radiation

1. Grounding

In the past, we existed without so much exposure to Electromagnetic radiation. This was because of the minimal use of electricity.

However, humans were also more in contact with the earth as most people walked barefooted. Walking barefoot is unusual today and ineffective on tiled floors.

Science has discovered that being in direct contact with the ground makes us alkaline and neutral to EMF. But seeing how times have changed one may not get to walk barefoot on the soil as often as you would like.

A practical solution is to surround your living and working space with as many plants as possible.

Also, get your feet on the sand or grass as often as you can.

2. Unplug appliances when not in use

Appliances are not only dangerous as a constant source of radiation but are also electrical hazards.

It is safe to unplug appliances when not in use and especially before bedtime.

3. Avoid keeping phones in places like a bra or pocket

Having an electronic device so close to the skin is unwise. Research has shown that women who keep their phones in their bra have a high tendency to develop breast cancer.

The same risks are involved when a phone stays in your pocket always.

4. Avoid buying unnecessary devices

This includes Wifi technology. Although most of these devices make life more comfortable they are sometimes unnecessary and add to the sources of radiation in our homes.

5. Avoid cozying up with your laptop

Laptops emit the strongest frequency when they are in use or plugged in.

Most of us place them on our laps and work on the bed or close to the charger. These are unsafe and guarantee full exposure to the unhealthy radiations.

Keep the laptop charger at a distance and work some distance from the device. You can purchase a secondary keyboard to compensate for the distance.

6. Eat Right

The right nutrition goes a long way in protecting our bodies from radiation.

Some foods can fight DNA damage, cause healing, repairs and strengthen cells. High Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity foods (ORAC) specifically heal Electromagnetic fields radiation-damaged cells.

Examples of ORAC foods include cloves, cinnamon, dates, broccoli, cilantro, Acai berry, turmeric, sorghum, cocoa powder, chocolate, grain, red basil, licorice root, grape seed extract, and so on.

Also, other foods containing vitamins, iodine, and fatty acids should be incorporated into your daily diet.

These antioxidant foods significantly lower the risks of cancer, disease, and degeneration.

Final Thoughts

Generally, people pay little attention to the effects of radiation all around us.

Some people are uninformed and others have experienced the consequence of prolonged exposure. Nevertheless, it is vital that we are educated on this issue and take steps to protect our health and our homes.

While we cannot avoid the radiation raining down on our heads and pooling up in the environment, we can get more informed and take strategic steps.

Using Aluminum foil is comfortable and can even be taught to children. Other methods that can be used are stated above including the right diet.

As we work to protect ourselves from the outside, we can also build strong cells on the inside of our bodies.

There are also some tools available that claim to reduce EMF exposure. Some of them are ineffective, but with the right information and possible testing, you can equally find a suitable tool.

Thanks for reading! You may also like to check out my recommended products for EMF radiation protection.