10 Best Types of EMF Protection Clothing to Buy Today

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Best Types of EMF Protection Clothing

It seems like, today, every aspect of our lives is taken over by technology. Cellphones, laptops, WIFI, and electricity to drive it all are just a few of the things that emit EMFs. Technology is hard to avoid and still have a job these days, or a social life for that matter. But is our cellphone harmful to us?

It is known to be harmful, and because of that, people have developed clothing and accessories to protect us from EMFs that are emitted by cellphones, laptops, and WIFI.

Needing protection or wanting protection from EMFs that we come into contact with daily is wise, but does it work, and how does it work? What do you need to look for in this protective clothing to feel confident in your purchase?

What Are EMFs?

EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are fields produced by moving electrical charges. The fields that are the most notable are the fields produced by cell phones, laptops, and WIFI. Most Americans have daily contact with one or more of these fields.

There are EMFs all around us from natural and man-made sources. With this being the case, there is no way to get away from electromagnetic fields no matter how hard we try or how vigilant we are. There are EMFs in nature, such as what makes the compass needle move. There are also fields that come from common power outlets.

Does Protective Clothing Work?

A common question, and rightfully so, is “does protective clothing work?” There are some things that need to be considered in order to answer that question effectively. When you are looking to purchase EMF protective clothing, you will see some numbers on the label that basically tells you what frequencies it is effective with.

When we think of whether or not something works, we tend to think of it in terms of all yes or all no, but for this type of clothing and protection, it isn’t that easy. There is no clothing that protects from 100 percent of the electromagnetic fields out there, but the best clothing can be up to 99.99 percent effective.

How Does it Work?

That is all well and good, but how does it work? It works by using certain materials such as mylar, copper, aluminum, and silver to force the EMF radiation to scatter as it passes through. This reduces the force of the electromagnetic field before it gets to your body.

Some clothing has protection for only certain types of radiation, such as cell phones and WIFI. These types of radiation are the most common when it comes to daily exposure for a large number of people.

It is important when looking for protective clothing that you look at the package to see what range of EMFs that can guard against. If the package says 30 dB at 1-5 GHz, then it will protect 99.9 percent against what is emitted from your cell phone and WIFI.

Best Protective Clothing

There are some protective clothing manufacturers out there that are not the best and would love to take advantage of people just trying to look after their health. There is also EMF clothing out there that is simply not effective against even the fields emitted by cellphones.

The look of the clothing is also important. Walking around is something that looks like a tin foil hat or shirt will not work to blend in as we go about our daily life. Being fashionable, even in a low-key way, is something that is important to a large number of people and can be a selling point for some companies.

If there are two different beanies that offer the same level of protection, but one is on-trend, and one is not, that could be the difference between making sales and building a business or not. We looked and found the 10 best pieces of protective clothing on the market today to share with you.

1. Shield Signal Proof Ball Cap

EMF Protective Casual Baseball Cap

Shield is a new company on the market, and we can’t get enough. Their products are effective, sleek, and trendy. They don’t just offer EMF protection, either. They boast antibacterial and odor-proof footwear, as well as blue light protection glasses.

Making the top of our list is their signal proof ball cap. This cap looks like any other ball cap out there but can help protect against potentially harmful EMF waves. This is the best of both worlds. You can look great and stay safe.

2. Lambs Men’s Boxer Briefs

Lambs Men’s Boxer Briefs

These boxer briefs are made of cotton, silver and nylon and promise to block not only cellphone frequencies but microwaves as well. The manufacturer boasts that this product has been thoroughly tested and will undoubtedly work as promised.

You may wonder what the purpose of EMF protection briefs actually is. That is a great question. The idea behind EMF protection briefs is to protect your reproductive organs specifically from your cellphone.

3. Lamb’s Radiation Proof Trunks

Lamb’s Radiation Proof Trunks

Another pair of underwear that has made our list of top protective clothing is Lamb’s radiation-proof trunks. These made the list because of the combination of protection and looks. These look like your run of the mill underwear you can get from your big box store but offer the same protection of the above brand.

They are also more affordable per pair and offer discounts for purchasing multiple pairs at one time. One pair is about $45, but if you buy three pairs, there is a bulk discount price offered. There are also two different styles to choose from.

4. Lamb’s EMF Proof Beanie

Lamb’s EMF Proof Beanie

Lamb’s, which used to be Spartan, doesn’t just sell underwear to “keep the bad off your goods,” but they also recently added an EMF proof beanie that we are loving. This beanie claims to block 99% of the radiation produced by wireless technology.

It is also very sleek looking. No one would even know your beanie is not just keeping your head warm unless, of course, you tell them.

There are quite a few beanies on the market with two on our list. The reason this one made it to the top 10 EMF protective clothing list is that it is certified by MET Labs, USA. Met Labs is a compliance testing and certification laboratory for electronics. They make sure products do what they claim to do.

5. OurSure Anti-Radiation Tank Top

Tanks tops are great in any season. In the summer, they can be worn by themselves, and in the winter, they can be layered for added warmth. A tank top that also protects against unwanted electromagnetic frequencies is a tank top we want in our wardrobe.

OurSure products are overall good quality and tested to make sure they do what they say they do. This tank top can be purchased in a unisex design, men’s design, and women’s design, so there is sure to be a fit that you like.

It is made of a silver nylon blend to add a little bit of stretch. It only comes in one color, and that is silver/gray, which is a neutral color that will go with anything you already own.

6. Belly Armor Anti-Radiation Maternity Camisole

Belly Armor Anti-Radiation Maternity Camisole

Pregnancy is a joyous time, but it also comes with a number of worries for some expectant parents. We want to protect our children from everything we can even before they are born, that include radiation and electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones, cell towers, laptops, and WIFI are on the shortlist of potential hazards.

There are maternity EMF clothing options on the market that claim to help protect your unborn child from an EMF saturated environment. One of our favorites right now is the Belly Armor Anti-Radiation Maternity Camisole. We love it because it is structured very much like a typical maternity camisole, but it does have silver in the fabric that covers the mother’s belly.

It can be worn under clothing, and with the top available peach or charcoal gray, it can also be layered with a button-up or V-neck shirt. This is a great option for added protection.

7. Shield Signal Proof Hoodie

Signal-blocking sweatshirt

A good hoodie can make a wardrobe extremely comfortable and trendy. A hoodie that also protects against EMF waves adds a level of safety to your wardrobe. We love a good hoodie, and Shield’s signal proof hoodie definitely makes the list.

It is black, so it will go with everything and is not obviously EMF protective clothing. It does have a small Shield logo on the front, but it is very low key and tasteful. It provides 360-degree protection and is not only protection from EMFs, but it is also antibacterial and antistatic. This silver and cotton blend is even great for playing sports.

8. Shield Signal Proof Layover Beanie

EMF Proof Layover Beanie - Gray

The second beanie to make our list is also the third item from Shield to grace our top 10. This beanie looks like a classic layover beanie. It has silver material on the inside of the beanie that offers protection EMFs.

This beanie is also antibacterial, antistatic, and comes in four different colors. We love the choice of color because often, EMF clothing is either black or gray/silver, so any color options are great. This is rated for wireless EMFs such as cellphones and WIFI.

9. Junezia Anti-Radiation Dress Maternity Top

Another maternity item has made our top 10 list, and it is the Junezia Anti-Radiation Dress Maternity Top. This is a one size fits all design and only comes in one style. It can be worn in a few different ways to add variety and give you choices when it comes to this protective clothing item.

You can wear the dress under clothing, and that includes V-neck or other low cut items due to the low neckline of the dress. You can also wear the dress over another shirt tunic style. In addition to these two styles, you can wear it as a nightdress.

This maternity dress claims to protect against low and high frequencies, which we think is a plus. The only drawback is that it is recommended that the dress is only dry cleaned or hand washed and laid to dry. This could be a deal-breaker for some. However, any clothing item that has EMF protection has to be cleaned with care.

10. AntiWave EMF Shielding T-shirt

The antiwave EMF shielding T-shirt looks like your basic T-shirt. It comes in a men’s style and a women’s style, but both are very similar to each other. This protective shirt is a blend of cotton and silver boasting two percent silver content to protect you from EMFs.

This is a less effective protective item than some of the others that have made this list blocking only 75% of the electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones, laptops, and WIFI. It is also not an inexpensive shirt selling for a minimum of $65 on Amazon.

EMF Protection for Babies & Children

In addition to the protective clothing that we have already mentioned, there is protection out there that is specifically for babies. There is concern out there about the effects of electromagnetic frequencies on babies and young children.

While some of the products we have already discussed will protect your unborn children, such as the maternity tops and camisoles, once they are born, they may still need some protection.

SYB Baby Blanket

SYB Baby Blanket

The Shield Your Body Baby Blanket claims to protect against 99% of the lower frequencies from everyday electronics. It looks like a typical baby blanket and is made from soft flannel that will be comfortable for baby.

What we love the most is that the blanket is the largest on the market, comes in a variety of colors, and is machine washable and dryable. With babies, easily laundered is a must. However, this blanket is not inexpensive.

As with other protective products, this would be an investment. The price on the Shield Your Body website is just under $100. There are other blankets on the market, but they are similarly priced.

Nova Resonator Child Band

There are some protection options for older children and one of those is the Nova Resonator Child Band. This a stylish woven type bracelet that your child can wear anywhere without anyone know what it is. Keeping this on your child as much as possible could help protect them from everyday EMFs that they come into contact with.

If your child does not want to wear it on their wrist, then it can be worn on their ankle as well. This Earthcalm product has research on its website that supports their claims of protection.

SYB Baby Beanie

SYB Baby Beanie

It is very common for babies to wear beanies and hats when they are very young or in the winter months. So why not make an investment in a baby beanie that does two things. The Shield Your Body Baby Beanie keeps you babies head warm while offering some protection of EMFs.

SYB uses 35% silver content to make this product and because the sliver is through the entire beanie, it offers protection all the way around the head. It is very soft, as a baby hat should be, and is machine washable.

The beanie also comes in multiple sizes so your baby can continue to wear the SYB beanie as they grow. Sizing goes from newborn to 24 months.

Vest Anti-Radiation Baby Blanket

Another baby blanket on the market that we like is the Vest Anti-Radiation Baby Blanket. This blanket is smaller than the SYB option and only comes in two different colors but if you need a blanket that is somewhat easier on your budget, this might be a good choice with a retail price of $79 on the Vest website.

It is 100% cotton with silver fibers embedded and blocks 99% of the EMFs from everyday devices that will be around your baby at home or out and about. This product has been tested by the FCC and approved.

With any of the products mentioned make sure you do your research on the product and the company to make sure you are getting the best product for what you need.

Other Methods of EMF Protection

Clothing and baby items are not the only methods of EMF protection that you can purchase. Directly blocking the electromagnetic fields that are emitted from cellphones and laptops is also a good option for protection. There is also a method that is free but very difficult to actually do.

Taking steps to protect you and your loved ones from potential hazards is always a wise thing to do. With so many options on how to do it, it can be an easy task with the right information and products.

Avoid EMFs

One of the best ways to protect yourself and others from EMFs is also one of the hardest things to do. We are such a technology-saturated society that unless you live in the woods and off the grid, you can’t successfully execute this method.

It is recommended by some that EMFs be completely avoided by avoided the technology that emits them. This is nearly impossible, especially in America. Our cellphones are rarely out of our hands or far from us at all. Most jobs will have some technology needs if not completely reliant on computers, laptops, and cellphones.

If you can minimize your exposure by turning off your tech at night, having tech-free times, not putting your laptop on your lap, and not sleeping with your cellphone or carrying in your pocket that will be helpful. Reducing your overall exposure time in any way in beneficial. If that doesn’t sound doable, there are products to help.

Cellphone Cases

Carrying your cellphone in your pocket is giving your body nearly direct exposure to the EMFs that are transmitted from your phone. This is also true when you are using the cellphone. While you will also get some EMFs when using your phone, we can reduce exposure when you are simply carrying it.

It is, of course, best to not carry it in your pocket but we know this isn’t always possible. Companies have developed cases to offer some protection from the electromagnetic field from cellphones. But which cases work best? This is by no means a comprehensive list of cases.

DefenderShield Case

This case offers 360-degree protection when the phone is not in use. This case does not block all of the EMFs that your phone sends out into the environment, but it does reduce them. This is not just a cell phone case though.

This is also a wallet and protects your credit cards from RIF readers. The wallet part is detachable and can be worn around your wrist if you want to unplug and leave your phone behind for a little bit.

This case comes in two sizes and is compatible with quite a few cellphone models. This is, however, an expensive case as far as cases go so make sure you do your research before you make a purchase.

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Vest Anti-Radiation Case

Another case that we like is the Vest brand case. This one also has 360-degree protection and is also a wallet. The wallet part does not detach like the DefenderShield Case, but it is a lower price point. It also fits a wider variety of smartphones.

On their website, you can search by phone brand to find one that will work for you. They also have cases that are not wallets. Since this version does not close, it won’t offer 360-degree protection, so just be aware of that when you are trying to choose a case.

Laptop Shields

Laptops were made to do what their name says and that is to sit on top of your lap. When laptops were created, the potential hazards of EMFs were not known and now we all love the portability that laptops give us. Now, however, we know that this could be hazardous but what do we do?

If at all possible, always use your laptop by setting it on a table or desk, if that can’t always happen there is a product to help. EMF protection companies have developed what is called a laptop shield to minimize the EMFs that are sent into our bodies when we are using our computers.

The idea behind the shield is that you set the laptop on the shield before setting it on your lap.


DefenderPad is a laptop EMF shield but it also serves a double purpose. This particular shield is also a heat shield. We have all likely experienced the heat that radiates from our laptops as we work or browse amazon. This shield protects you from heat and radiation.

The DefenderPad is compatible with a large number of laptop brands so it is likely to work with your computer, but it is wise to research before purchasing. This pad is an investment with a retail cost of $105 on Amazon.

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How to Choose

With all of this information, you may be overwhelmed and wondering how you can possibly make a decision of what if anything to purchase. There are a few things that you can take into consideration before you buy anything.

Have I Done my Research?

Before buying any EMF protection clothing or products, you need to do your due diligence with research. What protection does it offer? Has it been tested? What do the reviews say?

Asking questions is of the utmost importance since you want to spend your money well on a quality product.

What do I Need?

What exactly do you need the product for? Would clothing be more helpful to you and your loved ones or a phone case or laptop pad?

It is important to know what you need before you start shopping, this will prevent purchases that don’t do what you want or need.