EMF Radiation from Heated Seats in Car

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EMF Radiation from Heated Seats

Are we safe from EMF radiation while driving in heated seats? Is the technology in our modern cars exposing us to harmful radiation? In this article, let us explore this issue in detail.

Do heated seats emit EMF radiation? Yes, heated seats produce EMF radiation but very less in comparison to WiFi and mobile towers. However, due to their proximity to the skin, radiation from heated seats should not be taken lightly.

As technology has advanced in modern cars, there are electronics all around us. If you want to watch out your exposure to harmful radiation, this is something to look into.

EMF Radiation in Cars

Before I start talking about the EMF radiation from heated seats, let me tell you about the EMF radiation coming from a normal or hybrid car. This is important as it tells you that any additional EMF is adding to these EMF radiations that are already emitting inside your car.

Check out my article on radiation from electric/hybrid cars in which I cover all aspects in detail.

In a car, you are surrounded by cameras giving you a 360-degree view around your car. Moreover, there are screens with every seat to display everything and other electronics. These extra features add a lot of convenience to our life. Moreover, they also enhance the safety features of our cars.

But they expose us to immense levels of radiation. Add a heated seat to the equation, and your exposure to radiation gets crucial.

How much EMF radiation your cars expose you to depends on the type of car you are using. For instance, hybrid cars have large batteries in the front and the rear of the cars. 

Therefore, they expose you to more EMF radiation. Since these cars use alternating current (AC) instead of direct current (DC), they are also the source of ‘dirty electricity’. Therefore, they expose you to more EMF radiation.

Let us take a look at what EMF radiation come from normal and hybrid cars:

1.   Battery

Batteries that operate with DC Power don’t release EMF radiation. However, when they change currents (e.g. when the car starts), they can produce a strong and temporary field of DC Voltage.

2.   Relay Switches

When you are operating your vehicle, there are times when a vehicle will make the relay switch fire. When a relay switch fires, it produces a magnetic field.

For instance:

  • Pressing the car breaks
  • Turning the hazard lights on
  • Changing a turn signal

3.   Computer System

The computer system of every car is another source of EMF radiation.

The computers in a car:

  • control the engine compartment
  • control the media system

They both emit EMF radiation.

4.   Electric Engines

Small electric engines help in controlling some operations.

For instance:

  • controlling the windows
  • using the wiper blades

This also emits low levels of EMF radiation.

5.   Alternator

One of the biggest sources of EMF radiation in a vehicle is an alternator. The alternator is found on the farther side of the engine compartment in a car.

It releases dirty electricity and EMF radiation.

6.   Keyless Systems

Almost all new models come with keyless systems. The keyless system allows you to operate a car without using a key. You can:

  • unlock the doors
  • enter the car
  • start the engine

To do this, you use a remote control/keypad. The system uses radio waves from the remote keypad, and you can control the function by just pushing a button.

The keyless system uses:

  • Radio waves
  • Bluetooth radiation

And, therefore, is an important source of EMF radiation.

7.   Alarm System

The alarm system of the car is very important for the security of the car. But it exposes you to radio waves.

What are Heated Seats?

Heated seats are exactly what their name says. A few years ago, only luxury cars had heated seats. They are still an important feature of the latest high-end models in cars.

Heated cars operate in the same technology as items like:

  • Electric blankets
  • Hairdryers
  • Water heaters

They all use electricity to produce heat.

1.   Resistor

A resistor provides power to the heated seats. The resistor is a heating element that resists the flow of electricity. When an electric current flows through the resistor, it changes the energy into heat.

The heat then flows through the material of the seat.

2.   Relay Switch

The relay switch in the car operates the heated seats. When you turn on the switch for heated seats, electric current flows in the relay through a coil. The current in the coil produces a magnetic field. The magnetic field pulls an open switch near the coil.

When the open switch closes, it completes a circuit. As a result, the circuit sends electricity from the battery to the heating element in the seat.

3.   Thermostat

Most heated seats come with a thermostat. When the temperature of the car seat reaches its maximum, the thermostat sends signals that turn the relay switch off.

When the seat cools down enough, the thermostat turns on the relay again. without the thermostat, if the seat keeps heating up, it can be very dangerous.

Are Heated Seats Safe?

EMF radiation is not the only thing you need to worry about when riding in a car with heated seats.


As I mentioned earlier, without thermostat the heated seat can keep getting hotter. If left unmonitored, it can even result in a fire.

There have been dozens of reported burn cases and there are 25 legal cases against heated seats from 150 victims.

Male Infertility

In a newspaper article published in Telegraphy, Kate Devlin, a Medical Correspondent says: “…seats could damage sperm production by raising men’s temperature to unhealthy levels.”

A normal male body needs a temperature from 35 to 36 degrees (Celsius) to produce healthy sperms. Even small temperature fluctuations (1 degree Celsius) can affect sperm counts. This also explains the physical anatomy of the body as the testicles stay out of the body.

EMF Radiation and Heated Seats

Now let us take a look at the RMF radiation that heated car seats emit.

Electric Field

In a heated car seat, the electric current is used to produce heat. When electricity produces heat, it requires a large amount of power.

The heat is nothing but a by-product of an electric current running through a resistant wire.

When an electric current passes, it produces an electric field.

Magnetic Field

The heated seats produce high magnetic fields when they are used. You will find the strongest of the magnetic fields near the foot region.

If you are driving a hybrid, it is probably producing a stronger magnetic field.

As I explained earlier, to work, electric current flows in a wire in the heated seat. As a result. The relay switch produces a magnetic field.

The magnetic field should be strong enough to operate the switch.

Dirty Electricity

To produce heat, the electric current needs a lot of power. The heated seats use a heating element called a resistor. It is the job of the resistor to provide maximum resistance to the current flowing in the wire.

As a result, the electric current produces heat. But at the same time, it produces dirty electricity.

Why should you be worried about EMF Radiation in cars?

The EMF radiation that a heated seat produces is not a lot on its own. However, the environment inside the car can make it more dangerous.

Another important factor is that besides the heated seat there are many electronics in the car. Each of them is emitting some amount of EMF radiation.

The combined effect of the EMF radiation from the sources in the car can become dangerous for health. It may especially be dangerous for people with electromagnetic field hypersensitivity (EMF hypersensitivity).


The biggest issue that EMF radiation can have is disrupting our sleep cycles. While this may not seem very severe in daily life, however, for people driving cars for hours this can be critical

EMF radiation cause all kind of sleep problems. This includes trouble in falling asleep as well.

But when you are on the road, you need an active and fully rested mind. Therefore, when the EMF radiation inside the car exposes the driver to a harmful impact, the results can be fatal.

According to a study, higher levels of EMF radiation inside the car can make the drivers fall asleep 52 minutes quicker than a driver who is not exposed to so much radiation.

Therefore, the EMF radiation in a car is particularly harmful. As they don’t just impact your health, but also pose a danger to your safety.

How can you Avoid EMF radiation from Heated Seats?

There are a few ways to avoid your exposure to the EMF radiation that a heated seat emits:

Buy a low EMF Car

If you or anyone in your family is suffering from EMF hypersensitivity, it is better to get a car with low EMF levels. Of course, it will come with fewer electronics and lesser features, but it will keep you safe from the harmful impact of EMF radiation.

Avoid Turning Heated Seat On

Mostly, the heated seat is a luxury as it makes you feel more comfortable and cozier as you sit in a car. But is the coziness worth the dangerous impact of the heated seats? It’s not. Therefore, if you own a car with heated seats, try not to turn the heating on unless required.

Final Thoughts

A heated seat is very close to our skin and can expose us to EMF radiation. In addition to that, they can also cause burns and result in accidental fires in the car. Therefore, it is better to be careful when using them.

I hope this article helped you in learning about heated seats and the EMF radiation that they emit.