Does EMF Shielding Paint Work?

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There are many theories out there about EMFs and radiation. Truth be told, with all of the communication devices and appliances, we are sure to be surrounded by the waves from radio, to televisions, to cellphones, and satellites. One way some use to protect themselves and their home from EMFs is by EMF shielding paint.

Does EMF shielding paint work

Does EMF shielding paint work? EMF paints have been tested with RF (radiation frequency) meters to test the “protection” of the EMF shielding paint. It shows that it does, in fact, make a difference. It may not take it completely away; it does, in fact, make a big difference by absorbing high-frequency radiation.

How Does EMF Shielding Paint Work?

EMF paint is a water-based metallic paint that can be placed on walls and exterior surfaces as well. The EMF paint has a combination of carbon fiber and graphite that allows the ability to block and absorb radiation frequency electromagnetic fields that could, in turn, cause damage to your health. It is recommended to apply a second coat to provide better protection.

Electromagnetic shielding acts as a magnet blocking and absorbing electromagnetic waves. The contents typically include sheet metal, metal foam, carbon fiber, and other magnetic materials.

If the connection is ever broken, the “field” of protection then breaks. It involves magnetic fields and electric currents becoming a conductor of electricity within itself.

Benefits of EMF Blocking Paint

It is said that it can prevent from Wi-Fi signals getting crossed for others to jump on and use. Such as your neighbors using your Wi-Fi without your permission.

It is also easy to apply but recommended to be done by a professional. You can also apply whatever color paint you decide that you want your walls to be. There is no limit to the possibilities.

Get a Professional

Whatever you do, get a professional. When dealing with any kind of electricity or “preventing” thereof, it is important to get someone that knows what they are doing.

Getting the EMF shielding paint may require getting electrical grounding plates to place in your home. Your home will need to be checked to be sure that you have the proper electric connections needed to be able to place the plates.

Recommended EMF Blocking Paint

The paint that I recommend is the YShield (see it on Amazon). You can also check out my review in which I share its effectiveness and tips for use.

Yshield EMF Paint
Yshield – Best EMF Shielding Paint?

What is EMF?

EMF is electric and magnetic fields that are invisible to the naked eye. This is more associated with radiation that is caused by the use of man-made electrical lighting. There are two categories, non-ionizing and ionizing.

Non-Ionizing is also known as low-frequency radiation if they do not have enough energy to keep their rotations to continue charging their atoms. Ionizing is known to be able to recharge their atoms through waves or particles. X-rays are part of the ionizing family.

These fields are produced by electricity and its movement and waves. There are some commonly known sources of exposure.


Let’s face it, powerlines are everywhere. In some areas, they are larger and more frequent than others. Depending on your town, you are probably near a power station where all those powerlines start. All the electrical movement in those lines make a field in itself.

Check out my tips for EMF protection from power lines.

Electrical Wiring

The electrical wiring in your home or business makes an EMF as well. Many businesses primarily drive on electricity, along with many homes. The more devices, the more electricity we have built into the walls. Then we are also powering outside as well.

Cell phones

More than half of individuals in the world now own a cell phone. So many people are constantly on their phones. Very few can even use the restroom without a phone in their hand. So the question is, how much radiation are we simply holding in our hands? It’s by our heads, in our pockets, most always on our bodies at any given time.

Cellphone Stations

Cellphones have to run from something, and typically, there are towers that help keep those cellphones going. Those tall towers that reach into the sky with the lights on top of those are radio and cellphone towers, and they run waves and energy.


Whether for school, work, or leisure, most of us have laptops, and typically we have them everywhere. We use them for everything.


Just as laptops, most families, and multiple members of the family own a tablet. There are many children that also walk around with tablets nowadays. Playing games, taking videos, and so much more.


We are hooked on Wi-Fi; we cannot live without it seems. It is in our homes; it is in our businesses. We use it for social media, and so much more. Just like our laptops and cellphones, we have our Wi-Fi like that as well as many devices are all linked through Wi-Fi.

Televisions and Radios

Older televisions and radios are also included in all of this, while most people have put everything through technology, some still use an older television and radio. While they run on radio waves, they still emit EMFs.


There are many studies that have been done on health and the use of electric devices. These days, we literally have everything from microwaves to cell phones, wireless devices, and so much more. With constant use every day, sometimes many times a day, it is important to understand the possible effects.

Though research is not strong enough to show effects yet, some scientists do say that it can, in fact, affect your body in many ways. Some say it is linked to cancer, infertility, and other unusual growths in the body. There are other symptoms that may show themselves as well, such as a decrease in sleep and a gain in headaches.

There have been talks of depression, tiredness, fatigue, and dizziness. Some say that there are changes in memory, appetite, and anxiety. There are also physical things, such as itchiness and tingling.

How to Reduce Exposure

We as humans cannot feel radiation caused by ionizing radiation. If you work around it, it is important to have a detector to be able to tell you what level it is at. Being able to keep on top of that can help keep yourself protected if things get a little “hairy”.

Time and distance can sometimes be your best friend. Reducing your time lessens the amount of exposure and damage done. It is hard to do if we are addicted to our devices like we currently are. However, it is important to our health that this takes place. This is why when we are on a device for a long period of time, we begin getting headaches.

Just as when you go into a hospital, you are required to wear safety vests to protect you against the x-ray’s waves, radiation, to prevent you from any harmful aspects. It is important that those who work in the field protect themselves as well, which is why typically, they stand in a room away from the machine.

If you are in an area where you work around radiation, make sure to constantly wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and stay on top of safety procedures. Always be informed. Knowledge is important in awareness and safety.


If you have any concerns about radiation, there are meters and other tools that you can use to measure the waves and other electromagnet measures. There are some that are work or handheld to signal if numbers get too high.

Some personal monitors are different depending on their needs, situations, and functions to each standard. Some monitors are set for percentage values, while others are set for time for the allotted time allowed in a radiation area.

If you are not working with someone that already had specifications noted, make sure to follow their guidelines. However, if you are searching for monitors for personal use, be sure to check the specifications, the use, and the responses that you are needing.

Please do not go at these types of things if you are in no way experienced in these areas. Seek professionals out! If you are looking for meters, paint, curtains, or any other valuable blocking product.

Remember that this is not a substitute for stopping. A simple removal of yourself in these situations is always the suggested problem-solving action. Put down your phone, unplug appliances that you really do not need, and turn off laptops and other devices. Your health is important.