10 Ways to Block EMF from Power Lines

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How To Block EMF from Power Lines

The advent of technology has brought many devices and procedures that have changed the ways we do things.

Despite how beneficial these devices and procedures are, there are certain potential risks that follow them.

One of such devices is the electric power line which is an important and cheap source of transporting electricity from the source of production to the places where it is needed. However, an electric power line produces EMF that can adversely affect our health.

Understanding How EMF and Power Lines Affect Our Health

Before looking at the ways of blocking EMF from power lines, it is important to look at the relationships among EMF, power lines and health.

While carrying electricity, power lines create an electromagnetic field which, in turn, produces electromagnetic radiation.

The radiation is capable of penetrating into homes, offices, cars and other places. When an individual is exposed to electromagnetic radiation constantly or over a long period, various symptoms of different health conditions may start manifesting.

Reproductive system disorders, insomnia, compromised immune system, and blood disorders are some of the common mild conditions that exposure to the radiation may cause.

In severe cases, health conditions that may be experienced include brain cancer, breast cancer, and leukemia in kids.

Unfortunately, many developed and developing countries around the world depend on power lines to transport their electricity. As a result, many people are exposed to electromagnetic radiations.

However, do not panic over the potential health conditions of exposure electromagnetic field because the solutions are here.

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How to Block EMF from Power Lines

Here are 10 methods that can be used to block or reduce electromagnetic field (EMF).

1. Utilize EMF protective paints

emf blocking paint

This method involves the use of EMF protection paints (Amazon link) that are known to block EMF coming from the power lines into homes or other places.

This paint is a type of specialized conductive paint that has the ability to block RF electromagnetic fields from power lines and other sources. Also, EMF protection paints can block low-frequency electrical fields.

Although the function of the paint is special, its application is similar to that of the regular paint. Notably, the EMF protective paint comes in black. Due to its color, regular paint will be required to cover it once it has dried up.

When being applied for blocking EMF, a single layer of this special paint is enough. Nevertheless, a double layer is often used for stronger protection against electromagnetic fields.

As a result of the painting, EMF from the power lines is blocked from getting into living spaces and other areas.

2. Fix wire mesh frames to the windows

Another way of blocking EMF from power lines is using wire mesh frame.

When a wire mesh frame is fixed to the external part of the window, it has the ability to block EMF from coming into the building through the window.

The wire mesh frame for blocking EMF must be earthed so that it can serve this purpose effectively. The same principle is used in EMF protective smart meter covers (read my article).

Also, a 6 mm wire mesh is often recommended for blocking EMF. However, if you are concerned about the amount of light coming into your home or office through the window, you can use wire mesh frames with bigger sizes.

While they are equally as effective as a 6-mm wire mesh, bigger wire mesh frames allow more light to come into the living space.

3. Plant trees and bushes

To an extent, bushes and trees can be instrumental in blocking or reducing EMF from the power lines. Therefore, you should plant bushes and trees.

Cherry, pines and other sappy trees are found to be more effective at blocking field levels than non-sappy trees; hence, you should go for them.

Though deciduous trees are also effective for blocking electromagnetic fields from power lines, they are less recommended. This is because deciduous trees tend to lose most of their leaves during the winter. Hence, they do not offer all year-long protection against EMF.

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4. Earth the power lines

When power cables are earthed, the EMF will be blocked.

Electric fields from underground power lines will be firstly absorbed by the earth that is above the cable. Hence, the EMF that will escape from earth will be minimal and likely harmless by the time it travels into homes, cars or offices.

Notably, burying power lines is very costly. Hence, many people may not be able to do it on their own.

Nonetheless, negotiation can be done with the electricity association to ensure that EMF is blocked through this method.

5. Screen the electromagnetic field

The EMF that is produced from the power lines can be screened, so that it is blocked from reaching homes, cars, offices and other places.

However, this procedure is expensive as it involves the use of metals that are as thick as one centimeter or even more. Consequently, screening of EMF with large metals is usually not feasible for domestic use.

Nevertheless, the standard building materials used in most homes screen the EMF that is coming from power lines. Hence, extra screening of the EMF will only offer more protection to the existing one.

6. Use standard wiring

Incorrect or faulty wiring has been known to transport EMF from the power lines and other sources into buildings. As a result, you will do yourself lots of good by ensuring that qualified professionals wire your home properly.

7. Utilize the right appliances

Some appliances, not only allow EMF from power lines into the living spaces, but also produce lots of electromagnetic fields on their own. So choose the right appliances that can help you block the EMF.

Similarly, it is advisable to go for appliances that are powered by modern switched-mode, grounded extension cords, and shielded power cords as they tend to block electromagnetic fields.

Appliances also cause dirty electricity also which is harmful. Read my article on how to filter dirty electricity.

8. Manage your cell phone and other mobile devices properly

Without a doubt, cell phones and other mobile devices have an affinity for drawing EMF that is coming from the power line; hence, they are a major source of EMF in living spaces. So, if you can manage these devices properly, you can block EMF that comes from power lines.

So, what can you do to manage your cell phone and other mobile devices?

  • At night, switch off your mobile devices and keep them away from your room
  • When these devices are out of signals or not used, switch them off or put them on airplane modes so that they do not receive electromagnetic field from outside
  • Avoid using your cell phone inside your car as radiations can be easily contacted when being used in a car

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9. Change the design of the power line

The rate at which a power line produces electromagnetic field depends on a wide range of factors. A change in the design of the power line can influence these factors so that the EMF produced is reduced significantly. This change can be in form of optimal phasing that blocks EMF from power lines to an extent.

However, this method is hardly applicable domestically as it costs a lot to change the design of the power line.

10. Maintain a good distance from the power line

After all is said and done, it is important to understand that keeping a healthy distance from the power line is still the most effective way to block EMF from the power line from reaching your home or office.

This method is faster, more dependable and cheaper than other methods.

Generally, the strength of EMF reduces significantly when it travels over a long distance. Therefore, maintaining a good distance from the power line ensures that the electromagnetic field is kept away from our body.

As much as possible, ensure that your home and other places are situated far away from any power lines.

For greater and more effective blockage of EMF from the power lines, you can combine two or more of the methods mentioned above.

What is a safe distance from power lines?

A distance of 700 feet is considered a safe distance for protection against the harmful effects of radiation being emitted from high tension power lines, although it may be lesser (source: emfinfo.org).

What Level of Exposure to EMF is Safe?

To avoid being paranoid over the exposure to EMF, you should endeavor to understand whether you are truly exposed to the harmful level of EMF from power lines or not.

In general, most homes and offices are exposed to EMF; however, exposure guidelines have been established to reduce exposure to the field.

As long as your exposure to EMF complies with the acceptably safe levels, you are safe. An exposure level of less than 0.1 μT or 1 mG is known to be safe.

When the body is exposed to EMF levels above the safe level, there may be mild or serious implications depending on the duration and level of exposure.

Speak to the electricity association in your locality to get the assistance you need to understand the level of your exposure to EMF from the power lines.

Final Thoughts On EMF Protection From Power Lines

In a nutshell, protect the health of your households today by knowing whether you are exposed to the harmful level of EMF and take the necessary precautionary measures to block it. Do not take chances; act today to stay safe.

Thanks for reading!