The Best Dirty Electricity Filters (Greenwave Review)

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best dirty electricity filter greenwave review

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At the outset, I want to make it clear that these filters reduce the amount of dirty electricity considerably and do not eliminate it. No filter actually can.

In this article, I will review the Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters in detail and bring out all the reasons why you should get them for your home.

But first, a little background on how I came upon these.

My wife has been having migraines for quite some time now. She has been taking pain medications whenever the pain became severe. And though it worked, the relief was only temporary.

However, some time back, we discovered that there’s a more serious problem going on. We noticed that her condition improved drastically whenever we went on vacation for 7 days or more at my sister’s lake house.

The lake house barely has a cell phone signal, and no TV, no microwave or any other fancy electrical appliances. On many days, she didn’t have to take anti-migraine medications at all. It was a relief and yet, so strange. So, I started my research.

Dirty Electricity Can Be Bad

I started reading more about “dirty electricity”. I discovered that dirty electricity creates the problems my wife has been experiencing for the last year or so.

I also learned from research that the root cause of dirty electricity are electrical devices which convert 50/60 hertz of alternating current into either direct current or higher frequency alternating current. It’s basically a result of power being drawn in short bursts rather than being drawn in a continuous manner.

While searching for a solution, I came to know about dirty electricity filters.

I Discovered Greenwave Filters

There are a lot of dirty electricity filters out there. But the filters that I recommend are the Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters. I’ve personally used their filters and they did wonders for my wife’s health.

What makes their devices standout is the EMI filtering technology that the company uses in their products.

At first, I was a bit skeptical but after seeing positive results with the improvement in my wife’s condition, I installed them all over my house.

Performance Test

Here is an excellent video which demonstrates how effective the Greenwave filter is for reducing dirty electricity.

I HIGHLY recommend you watch the full performance test video below to understand the seriousness of dirty electricity and how these filters are the perfect solution.

Graham Stetzer Meter Filter Review

As far as tech specifics go, they are all available on the company’s website.

Why Do I Support The Greenwave Dirty Electrical Filters?

If I were to analyse why I chose the Greenwave filters, the following three main considerations (apart from performance) helped me make the decision:-

1. They Can Be Bought Individually

What makes the Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters great devices is the fact that they can be bought individually. In addition to this, these are basically devices you just plug-in.

2. Built-in Plug At The Base

So what if you only have a limited number of outlets at home? Does that mean that the Greenwave dirty electricity Filter will take these outlets and therefore limit the number of gadgets and devices you can use in a room?

Most of the Greenwave dirty electricity filters today already have a built-in outlet right at the base of the device. It means that you can plug in your devices directly.

3. Safe For Kids and No Toxic Chemicals

The filters are also safe especially for homes that have kids. They are free from toxic substances such as mercury, cadmium, and lead. They also meet standards approved according to UL and RoHS standards.

Available Options for US, Canada, and International Customers

There are two types of options available in the US and Canada. One, you have the Spectrum 2500i filter that goes with a grounded 3-prong type plug.

Aside from the Spectrum 2500i, you also have the Broadband 1500 that comes with 2 prong type A plug. I’ve bought both these items and it worked well in home.

But if you are living outside the US and Canada, then you will have to choose other models.

Both of these models that I’ve mentioned are only compatible with electric outputs up to 120 volts. That means it isn’t compatible in homes in countries such as China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and UAE.

So what should you be getting? For these places, there’s the Greenwave Spectrum 2400G filter. It is specifically designed for countries outside North America and can work for AC circuits with voltage up to 240V.

In 2016, Greenwave released dirty electricity filters that are compatible with Type E and Type F electrical outlets. Countries such as France, Austria, and Spain are samples of countries that have these types of outlets.

How Many Filters Should You Buy?

To get the best results, the number of filters depends on the types of room that you have in your home. For instance:

  • A kitchen, family room, and living room, and home office require 3-4 filters each.
  • For a bedroom, dining, and laundry room, you would require 2 filters for each room.
  • As for a bathroom and a walk-in closet, you just need 1 filter for each room.
  • Lastly, the number of filters for basement, garage, tool shed, and workshops depend on its size. For these rooms, 1-2 filters are required for every 150 square feet.

Now, for schools, it is suggested to have five filters per classroom to effectively reduce the effects of dirty energy while for business settings, 2-3 filters are required per 100 square feet.

Greenwave Filters For Homes

greenwave filter home
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For testing purposes, I first bought the 2-room starter kit that has 4 Greenwave Filters. After seeing great results I went for the 2-bedroom home kit for the remaining two rooms.

The most number of filters available for a home kit is the 5-bedroom home kit that includes a total of 24 Greenwave filters enough to cover around 11 to 12 rooms at most.

Filters For Schools

For schools that are looking to protect children and teachers from dirty electricity, the Classroom Kit has 5 Greenwave filters.

These filters are sufficient enough for an average-sized classroom. You can also customize the number of Greenwave Filters that you are going to get especially if you are running an industrial business.

If you find yourself in the same dilemma as I was, I suggest that you take a closer look at Greenwave filters. It’s a game changer for anyone.

How To Measure Dirty Electricity In Your Home

greenwave emi meter
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Every home has dirty electricity. The more electrical appliances you have, the more dirty electricity will be produced.

However, if you want to measure the levels or if you want to test the efficacy of the filters after you have installed them, then you would also require the EMI meter.

Final Thoughts On The Greenwave Filter Review

I can assure you that the Greenwave filters will be worth the investment. If you are not sure, you can start out with the starter kit and test them out.

But, do give them a try, that’s my honest suggestion. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share if you found this article useful.