EMF filters 101: What They Are And How They Work

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EMF filters

EMF filters are a great way to drastically reduce the effects of radiation pollution in the home and workplace. Many products are available that filter out EMF pollution, including protective cases, paints, and plug-in shields.

There is more EMF radiation abundant in our world than ever as society becomes more digitized and wireless, creating more and more of a need for products that filter out these harmful rays.

What are EMF filters, and how do they work?

EMF filters reduce electromagnetic field radiation generated by modern technology ranging from power lines to microwave ovens. Electrical devices produce a field of radiation that affects the cells of living things in their vicinity.

Filters work by blocking or interfering with EMF pollution. Solutions like EMF blocking paint create a physical barrier that blocks radiation, while plug-in filters trap and convert radiation into less harmful frequencies.

As awareness of the harmful effects of EMF pollution increases, so does the saturation of the EMF filter market. We know that we want to eliminate pollution whenever and wherever possible, but how do we know what really works? How do we know if they really work?

This article serves to educate beginners on the importance of EMF filters, how they work, and why they are an essential part of the modern living space.

Types of EMF Filters

  • Plug-in filters
  • Kill-switch filters
  • Physical barrier filters

Plug-In Filters

Plug-In Filters work by creating a radius of protection from EMF radiation. Plug-ins convert the “dirty electricity” into a harmless frequency that will not cause the cellular harm associated with EMF radiation.

Plug-in filters might also take the form of a dirty-electricity filter such as the Greenwave Filters (check their website), which moderates bursts of harmful frequencies that tend to occur sporadically throughout the day.

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Greenwave Filters

Kill-Switch Filters

Kill-Switch Filters are similar to circuit breakers or timer light-switches. They are set to a certain time of day or night when appliances are no longer needed, then cut power and eliminate the production of radiation.

Kill-switch filters are highly effective in that they essentially shut off the source of EMF radiation in the environment in which they’re installed.

Physical Barrier Filters

Physical Barrier Filters like paints and protective cases block EMF radiation like a shield blocks a sword. This type of filter does not dial into the source to block pollution but instead prevents it from being emitted or absorbed. Rooms painted with EMF blocking paint are shielded from the power lines outside, but not the appliances inside.

How Do EMF Filters Work?

EMF filters work in dramatically different ways depending on their type and function. The three different types or categories of filters can be grouped into those that require electricity and those that simply barricade EMFs from escaping or entering a surface.

Plug-in filters and kill-switch filters actually moderate the electricity as it’s generated, while physical barriers function as their name suggests. A well-equipped environment may feature every type of filter, given they each provide a specific function that cannot be replicated.

For example, a home might feature dirty-electricity filters for appliances like refrigerators that remain on 24/7, a kill-switch filter for appliances not in use at night, and physical barrier filters for devices like phones and computers, and EMF blocking paint on the walls of bedrooms and other sensitive spaces.

One filter will not be enough to protect the entire home because one filter only serves a single function.

Plug-In Filters

Appliances today feature safeguarding technology that virtually eliminates the need to fuss over shorts and electrical hazards that were common decades ago. However, even though the technology has evolved, our bodies have not.

Dirty Electricity Plug-In Filters

These filters moderate the harmful frequencies that can spike without notice from a power outlet to an appliance. These filters serve as a go-between for your valuable electronics and are inherently useful for that reason alone.

Mainly, however, dirty electricity filters convert the harmful frequencies into the normal frequencies actually needed by your electronics.

Extension cords from 20 years ago are something of a fire hazard, but cords from today are safe as can be. They can easily withstand the spikes in frequency, but we are far off from immunity from their dangerous effects. Dirty electricity filters eliminate any worry from the equation by safeguarding the users as much as the appliances.

Plug-In Shields

These filters work like an EMF force field. Instead of functioning as a go-between, these devices actually cancel out the harmful frequencies within their radius. Similar to how a cellular tower projects EMFs, a device like the Total EMF Shield (check prices on Amazon) will absorb these harmful frequencies.


The coverage radius provided by these devices is much more limited, of course, and multiple shields may be required for a single environment.

EMP plug-in shields are powerful enough to protect your home or office even from lightning! As long as your environment is protected within the radius, essentially, no surge of electricity will be powerful enough to cause you or your appliances harm.

The military even relies on these devices to secure their facilities from the harms of EMFs. If you’re serious about safeguarding your home or office from harmful frequencies and only want one device, EMP plug-in shields cannot be beat.

Kill-Switch Filters

Kill-switch filters offer protection in its simplest form. These devices tend to be difficult to install, but they offer unrivaled protection in their ability to remove appliances from the power grid once they are unnecessary.

A typical home might only need one or two appliances actually functioning at all times (like a refrigerator, as previously mentioned), while the rest serve only to generate EMFs when not in use.

Kill-switch filters work just like shutting off the power from the fuse-box, but they are safer and simpler. Instead of flipping a switch and shutting off the power, kill-switches work on a programmable timer. If you are going to bed at 11 PM, set your kill-switch filter to 11:15 and let technology do the rest!

Power to every unnecessary appliance will quietly shut off when you don’t need it, then turn back on when you do. No more worrying about the effects of your appliances and power grid! These devices completely remove the ability for EMFs to even generate, aside from one or two necessities.

Physical Barrier Filters

Physical barrier filters can take the form of anything from a smartphone case to a container of paint to a knit cap. This technology blocks EMFs from entering or escaping a specific space, and with startling effectiveness.

An EMF blocking iPhone case can be up to 99% effective at blocking the transfer of harmful frequencies to your body. Think of them as the hand-sanitizer of the EMF filtering world — they’re quick, easy, and highly effective!

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EMF physical barrier filters work to block EMF at their most harmful (ionizing frequencies like X-rays), as well as more common low-end frequencies (non-ionizing frequencies like microwaves and surges of dirty electricity).

The barriers act like a waterproof seal would for the bottom of the boat or the tile in your shower.

Harmful frequencies are dispersed around the outside and blocked from moving any further. Simply put, EMFs find it difficult to get into a room painted with EMF blocking paint (Amazon link)

EMF Shielding Paint
EMF Shielding Paint

A bedroom painted with a couple of coats of EMF blocking paint won’t let in any harmful frequencies and won’t even be noticed. This is a great option to shore-up any sensitive spaces in the home or office.

The paint is especially useful for those who live near power lines or for those with newborns. To tell you the truth, however, any room meant for sleeping could use one or two coats of this incredible technology!

What Is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty electricity radiates from the wires of electronics in our homes, workplaces, and just about everywhere these days. Even an appliance not in use will draw some form of electrical current, and will, therefore, radiate EMFs out into the world.

Dirty electricity was not taken seriously by the scientific community until about a decade ago when studies began to emerge that classified it as a potential carcinogen.

Electrical wiring is everywhere in our modern world, and it follows that dirty electricity is as well. Not only are the harmful spikes in electromagnetic frequencies thought to cause cancer, but they have also been linked with disorders ranging from Attention Deficit Disorder to clinical depression. The main contributors to dirty electricity are our appliances and the wiring that makes them possible.

Without a kill-switch filter, dirty electricity will radiate from the wiring in any environment — even if every appliance has been unplugged. The wires that go unnoticed are a greater threat than those that we can see.

A three-pronged appliance will draw electricity and create harmful dirty electricity, but not nearly as much as the wiring that’s hidden in our walls. It’s not exactly feasible to remove all the wiring from our environments (even if we could function in the dark), but it’s possible to minimize the effects of these harmful surges of low-frequency EMF pollution.

Dirty electricity not only affects disorders of the mind, like ADD and depression, it has also been associated with physical conditions and diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis (MS), and Fibromyalgia. Implementing one or more EMF filters will greatly protect your environment from worsening or creating such ailments.

Kill-switch filters are the most effective at minimizing the potential harm brought on by the hidden wiring that powers our appliances and most strongly affects our bodies.

Nothing is better for avoiding EMF pollution than getting away from electronics whenever possible but shutting off the power grid while we sleep is the next best thing. Avoiding and stopping dirty electricity is possible; you just have to be wary of where it’s hiding and how it can be minimized.

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What Is Wireless Radiation?

Wireless radiation is created to varying degrees by any form of technology that sends information through the air. We have always needed information to travel as quickly as possible, and now we rely upon wireless technology in order to accomplish this need.

At one point in time, the fastest way to communicate was via the telegraph. With the aid of this incredible electronic communication device, information could be sent from North America to Europe in a matter of minutes instead of days.

With wireless technology, frequencies transmit information at the speed of light. Mere minutes turns into an almost insignificant instance of time. Call someone across the world, and you won’t even be able to tell how far away they are until you check your phone bill!

With this incredible shift in the speed of information, there are, of course, increased setbacks and risks. Putting a cell phone to your ear is putting a sophisticated EMF-producing antenna to your body.

Frequencies are sent and received at the speed of light in order to fulfill the instantaneous demands of modern communication, and this takes a toll on our bodies.

Standing next to a satellite communications dish (my related article) or a cellular tower or under power lines will cause greater harm than holding a phone to your ear, but the EMFs that pass through your body are the same.

Not just cell phones rely on wireless technology. Headphones, remote controls, and dozens of modern advancements rely on the technology in order to fulfill the seamless, light-speed demands of our society.

Smartphones can be fitted to reduce the exposure of EMF pollution by 99%, but some wireless technologies can simply be avoided entirely. Protect your devices with EMF blocking technology whenever possible and choose wired technology whenever possible. Your body will thank you!

What Form of EMF Filter Is Best for Me?

There is rarely one solution that will perfectly work for every person. We all have different requirements when it comes to our health and safety, and we all have different environments that we need to protect.

Some might already have a condition or disease that is exacerbated by EMF pollution, and some might be looking to prevent one from occurring. I might be looking to shore up my apartment from excessive EMF pollution, while my neighbor might be looking to keep their newborn baby from a lifetime of potentially harmful frequencies.

First, decide exactly what your needs are, then continue on to your ideal solution. If we all had unlimited funds, the solution would be simple: buy every type of EMF filter possible. You can never be too safe, but you can certainly go over your budget.

A plug-in EMF shield typically runs close to $300, which is nothing considering the technology they use. But these devices are not worth the money for every potential customer. If you only need your bedroom protected, simply invest in EMF blocking paint!

You already know what is technically feasible for you to do. Those of us who rent as opposed to own will likely not be able to have a kill-switch filter installed. It’s not going to be in the rental agreement!

Even if the landlord signs off on it, you might not want to pay for something that will only benefit the next tenant (and the landlord). Dirty electricity filters like the Greenwave are easily moved, and therefore a great investment for those of us who don’t want to — well, leave behind our investments.

And while a plug-in EMF shield is by no means cheap, they are certainly portable. A can of EMF blocking paint is a cheaper option, but you’re not bringing it with you!

Homeowners will be restricted only by their budgets, but renters will obviously need to keep in mind what they’re comfortable leaving behind the next renters. EMF shields and dirty electricity filters are portable, EMF blocking paint and EMF kill-switches are staying where they are!

A Word on Safety

EMF filters can generally be installed by anyone with the desire to make their environment as safe as possible. EMF kill-switches, however, need to be installed by a professional. This will sound obvious to many, but anything that requires access to the power grid will require a licensed professional. EMF pollution is the least of your concerns when you’re digging into the wall to access live wires!

EMF pollution is luckily now being recognized as a potential carcinogen and a potential cause for many conditions and diseases. Some ailments are thought to be caused by EMF pollution, while some are thought to be worsened by it.

You already know which, if either, category you fit into by this point. Many are likely researching EMF filters to prevent harm and increase longevity, and many are likely seeking to ease the worsening of a pre-existing condition.

It’s worthy of pointing out that EMF pollution is a growing field of study, and there are no conclusive answers yet. Your well-being and the well-being of your family is most important of all and protecting your environment from harm is a fundamental need that we all have. Always remember that whatever you are able to do is enough. To fully protect yourself from EMFs, you have to hide from the sun!