Can Trees Block EMF Radiation?

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Can Trees Block EMF Radiation

Over recent years people have become more aware of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation and what it can do.

EMF radiation can come from a number of things including WiFi, cell phones and power lines. You may be wondering what can help block these waves of radiation and keep you safe.

Specifically, can trees block EMF radiation?

The fact is that trees cannot block EMF radiation completely. They do however reduce the amount of radiation when it passes through them. Hence, having trees in line between your house and a mobile tower will help reduce the amount of exposure to EMF.

Numerous studies have shown that EMF radiation has a low but real risk of causing hormone alteration, cancer and cell disruption. More and more studies are being conducted to find out if EMFs really pose a threat to your health.

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What is EMF Radiation?

EMFs have been around forever. An EMF is an electrical and magnetic field running next to each other in an unseen waveform. They exist in the world around you and even in your body.

Natural EMFs come from the sun in the form of UV rays. Too much exposure to UV rays results in getting burnt.

Natural EMFs are not very intense, unlike the ones made by technology, which are much higher in intensity. Consider this when you think about the effects on your body from man-made EMFs.

Man-made EMFs are divided into two groups: low frequency and high frequency. 

  • Low frequencies are emitted from devices like smart meters, WiFi Bluetooth, MRIs, computers, microwaves and internal wiring in buildings. They are non-ionizing.
  • High frequency EMFs are ionizing radiation and its frequencies are higher than visible light. This frequency comes from devices like Gamma rays, X-rays and ultraviolet light. 

The effects of EMF radiation are common knowledge. The effect it has on your body depends on the level of frequency of the radiation.

Low frequencies can affect your central nervous system in your body. High frequencies can cause heating effects, which can lead to a rise in body temperature.

The question “are low frequency EMFs bad for you?” is a still considered a debatable question because:

  1. Cell phone and electronic business don’t want customers to know that their phones and other electrical devices are physically harmful for them.
  2. Symptoms from using WiFi, microwaves and cell phones are not very noticeable at first, becoming more noticeable over time instead of immediately.  

The EMFs in your body control many processes in the body. Scientists say that every cell in your body has its own EMF.

It is thought that this can cause health issues due to the intense EMFs around you mixing up the usual order of your body’s EMFs. This could lead to any system in your body not working properly, from your immune system to your DNA.

All electrical devices around you using electric energy generate man-made EMF’s, which cause radiation. Meaning you can be exposed to EMF radiation anywhere.

This could be throughout your house. In your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, study and living room. Wherever you have electric devices.

Once outside your house you are exposed to EMF radiation from TV’s, radios, security detection devices and cell towers.

People living near power lines are even more exposed to EMF radiation.

The area of the wavelengths depends on the frequency of the magnetic field. But depending on that, the area affected within 3 wavelengths is named the near field and the area further on from 3 wavelengths is named the far field.

One wavelength of 50hz or 60hz is thousands of kilometers long and blocking yourself by ‘deflecting’ it does not work.  Inside the near field area it is impossible to shield yourself from EMF radiation entirely.

How Can Trees Reduce Radiation?

People often complain about trees blocking their Internet signal. Like many materials, trees reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to when radiation passes through them. This can be for a couple reasons including

  • The amount of water in the trees
  • The towers might not have a very strong output signal
  • The signal may be a higher frequency signal

Trees reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to in a similar way to the way tinted windows block out sunlight or that noise doesn’t travel through walls very well.

In 1997, The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) conducted a test to find out how trees would affect the future wireless controls systems. They tested different thicknesses of wood, even thickness of up to 15 cm!

They found that wood does reduce radiation, especially the thicker and fresher it is, due to its high water content.

Can Anything Block Radiation?

Things like aluminum and copper reduce EMF radiation by dispersing and absorbing the EMFs as they pass through it.

Read my articles on aluminum foil and copper/mylar as EMF blockers in which I bring out how these materials can be used to block radiation cheaply.

One option is MU-metal, a man made material, which has effects on magnetic fields.

MU-metal doesn’t destroy EMFs but alters the way they travel. To be of some effect against radiation, you would have to build yourself a house coated with this material, which would be very expensive.

If you only put it against the wall where your meter box is, it may reduce the levels of radiation directly behind it, but it may cause higher levels in other areas. This makes it quite random to use.

Shielding mesh GPA, another option, is an effective weapon against EMF radiation, if it is outside the near field. The mesh is made up of fiberglass with metal woven throughout it and coated in electrically conductive T98 paint.

According to the University of German Armed Forces, GPA mesh is able to reduce over 99% of high frequency radiation and dramatically reduces low frequency radiation (download the test report).

The mesh can be applied all over the house on ceilings, walls and sometimes flooring. One can even build with it!

What You Can Do To Limit Your Exposure To EMF Radiation?

Exercising regularly and eating a nutritious diet will help you stay healthy, which is key for being able to fight viruses and other disease you may come across if you get EMF radiation.

By using an EMF meter to locate where high levels of radiation are coming from, and by switching the device off, you can reduce the amount of EMF radiation you expose yourself to.

Here is a list of steps you can further take to reduce your exposure:

  • Don’t use Bluetooth, rather use a headset or put the phone on speaker.
  • Use Ethernet cables to get Internet to your computers and laptops, and limit your use of WiFi.
  • Limit time spent on phones and tablets.
  • If you use your phone for an alarm when you are asleep, set it on airplane mode.
  • Use an EMF meter to read the radiation levels, electricity levels and magnetic  levels around you. Helping you to be aware of the amount of EMF radiation around you and enabling you to make changes in your lifestyle.
  • Using extension cables reduces your exposure.

Limiting your exposure to EMF radiation is very hard to achieve, especially considering the world we live in. But if you really are committed you can do it.

It will have to become a lifestyle that you get into – but it’s completely doable.

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