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When you purchase a new hair dryer, the last thing you want is to deal with radiation or any other similar issues. This is why it’s a very good idea to opt for a hair dryer with a low EMF value at all times.

With that in mind, we have a comprehensive list that includes some of the 5 best Low EMF Hair Dryers on the market.

If you always wanted to use a good hair dryer while also thinking about personal protection, these are some of the best models for you!

1. Shield Life EMFreedom Low EMF Hair Dryer

Shield Life EMFreedom Low EMF Hair DryerAs the name suggests, the Shield Life EMFreedom (check price on Amazon) is one of the low EMF hair dryers that you can use and adapt to your needs at all times.

The best thing about this hair dryer is that it can provide you with all the benefits that you ever needed.

And it also blocks up to 75% of the harmful radiations, which in the end will only help you stay healthy in the long run without any effort.

The fact that you can invigorate your hair follicles and take care of them in a meaningful way is what makes this so good in the first place.

The motor has 1800W, it’s pretty good and it brings in front some amazing benefits without that much of a hassle.

They have a negative ion spring technology designed to maximize the moisture retention in your hair. As a result, you get to maintain your hair in a very good health, all while avoiding any sign of issue in the long run.

The fact that they added multiple heat and speed settings will only help you get a very good experience.

The quality offered by this unit is impressive, and the focus on low EMF values is something that you really need from stuff like this.

Adjusting and adapting this in a meaningful way is what you want to focus on, so try to consider that as much as you can in the end.

Here is a video of an EMF test done on the Shield Life EMFreedom which demonstrates its effectiveness.

SheildLife EMF Freedom Hair Dryer test

2. Elchim 3900 Low EMF Hair Dryer

Elchim 3900 Low EMF Hair DryerThe Elchim 3900 (check price on Amazon) is a very durable unit and one that can withstand a lot of pressure.

The thing to notice is that the drying time is reduced by around 30% because it’s super fast and it delivers some very good results no matter the situation.

It’s always a good idea to push the boundaries and adjust or adapt to your needs.

The unit has a very low EMF value, which makes it super helpful in a huge range of situations.

The 2 air speeds may not be a lot for some people, but they will get the job done and that’s the thing that really matters the most here.

The hair will be glossy and it will look great all the time, which is exactly what matters the most in the end. Then you have a great, light and quiet approach towards hair dryers which actually makes a lot of sense in that perspective.

It helps you dry even the thickest hair, which is a good thing if you’re the type of person that deals with such problems with off the bat.

So yes, it can work for all types of hair, which is a massive advantage.

3. Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Hair Dryer

Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Hair DryerWhen you see the Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite (check price on Amazon), you will be impressed with how much power it can deliver despite the fact that it’s pretty small.

The reason why this is called a Lite unit is that it comes with a lightweight DC motor design. This really helps you get the results you need super fast and the return on investment can be more than ok no matter what happens.

Then you also have the static minimizing ionic technology that helps make the entire experience a lot better and more rewarding all the time, which is always a very good thing to have.

The low EMF value makes it super good for people that want to stay away from radiation. And this also means the generated heat will not bring in front any issues.

It’s just a very rewarding and interesting experience for you to appreciate and enjoy no matter what happens.

They also added a tourmaline crystal infusion. This is used in the heating process and it will provide the extra texture and smoothness for your hair.

It’s important to note that the Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite has 1800 W of drying power, so it’s not that powerful when compared to other units. But there’s a reason for that. The low EMF value is crucial here, and you do need to take that into consideration.

You will also notice that there are 3 heat settings and 2 air speeds, which can end up being a problem most of the time. The fact that you only have 2 air volume speeds can be a bit tricky, but in the end, you will have no problem adapting and adjusting to your own needs.

4. Karmin G3 Salon Pro Low EMF Hair Dryer

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Low EMF Hair DryerWhen you get the Karmin G3 (check price on Amazon), you will notice that this is a low EMF unit.

But at the same time, it’s also a professional tool so it can be a really good purchase if you focus on quality and value more than anything else on the market.

The unit comes with solid ceramic plates that are coated with the highest quality crushed tourmaline gemstones.

You also have far less infrared heat than any other products that you can find out there.

And the advanced microporous technology will lock in the moisture, which in the end helps you protect the cortex and shaft from damage, so just try to consider all of that.

The company did a very good job when it comes to minimizing damage. When you use a hair dryer you can end up with quite a lot of issues, so you really have to adjust and adapt as much as you can.

The unit doesn’t come with a very high temperature, which helps protect you in the long run.

And this is a professional, salon unit so it does end up delivering a very good value no matter the situation. This also shows that there’s a lot of value and durability to be had from it, which is quite a good thing to have in that perspective. They also have multiple colors too, such as purple, pink, teal and white.

5. CHI Pro Low EMF Hair Dryer

CHI Pro Low EMF Hair DryerThe CHI Pro Dryer (check price on Amazon) is one of the nicest low EMF hair dryers on the market.

The unit has a very light, easy to use design and it works incredibly well. It has 1.7 pounds and the focus here is on making sure that the airspeed is very good.

It’s not coming with high EMF values, in fact, the unit does a very good job at making the process quick and easy without that much of a hassle.

The fact that you have low EMF means you are always getting the very best value for the money.

And in situations like these, you really have to focus on quality and professionalism more than anything else.

The blower temperature can go anywhere from 135 to 169 degrees, so it’s pretty hot. But the fact that they have a lower EMF value than most units out there means you get to always have control over how you approach the use of this unit.

The cool shot button is very easy to access and you will be quite amazed at the way everything works in this situation.

The sound output is up to 80 DB at times, so it can get pretty loud. Yet you are not going to use this for too much time again and again, which in the end will be a very good idea to consider. That’s why you need to adjust and adapt things as much as possible so you can get the best results and experience.

The cord creates very good mobility and the value that you can obtain from this is nothing short of outstanding. It definitely offers that great sense of quality and the experience that you can obtain from stuff like this is very impressive every time.

It’s a good idea to use this product if you need a low EMF unit because the values are low and you won’t have to worry about any major downsides, to begin with. So yes, in the end, results can be more than ok!

Why Buy Low EMF Hair Dryers?

  • It’s always a good idea to try and push the boundaries when it comes to protecting yourself. And these low EMF hair dryers are the right investment for you in that perspective.
  • They look great and they bring in front some great features that you do not want to miss. It’s always very important to take your time and tackle this correctly.
  • That’s why you need to study the market as you try to figure out which are the best models. Only then can you get a very good experience.
  • But yes, as a whole you always need to focus on finding the best low EMF products, because they give a tremendous quality.
  • That being said, don’t rush. All the low EMF products are great for you, but the idea is to figure out what model gives the best return on investment.
  • Once you take your time and study the market you will have no problem finding the best outcome. That’s why we recommend you to study these models, as they deliver amazing benefits and that’s what you want.
  • Plus, they are not very expensive, yet you get a lot of durability from them. Which is maybe the most important thing to have in the end!
  • Our day to day life is made easier thanks to some tools like hair dryers, fridges, and laptops. But the reality is that even the smallest electric tools can bring in radiation.
  • Yes, you can deal with EMF radiation from Hair Dryers, and that’s why you need to figure out how to deal with such a problem as fast as possible.

Do Hair Dryers Emit Radiation?

Yes, they do emit RMF radiation. Not only that, but they emit a lot of radiation. Combine that with the fact that the device is super close to the head when you use it; then you will notice that you are in quite a lot of danger when you use such a product.

Most electronics tend to emit radiation. It can be magnetic field radiation, or it can be like this EMF radiation from Hair Dryers.

The thing to keep in mind here is that each device tends to have a different amount of radiation emitted every time, which is why you need to make sure that you get a low EMF radiation unit.

Before I proceed further, I highly recommend you take a minute and check out these eBooks by LLoyd Burrell. They’ve made a significant impact on my understanding of EMFs, and I believe they’ll do the same for you.

How Much Radiation is Emitted by Hair Dryers?

They are not very large units, but they still emit a lot of radiation. However, depending on how close they are to your head, you will encounter various degrees of radiation.

If you keep it at 1 inch, you will deal with 60-200 milligauss, at 1 foot it will be anywhere from 0.1 mG to 1.5 mG. If you keep it at around 3 feet, it will be less than 0.1 mG.

The idea here is that the closer you have it to your head, the worse it will get. These amounts listed here are set for the standard power hair dryer. In case you get a very powerful unit, then you are most likely dealing with even more EMF radiation.

It’s hard to figure out the exact amount of EMF radiation, which is why you need to take your time and be very selective with stuff like this. As a result, it’s very important to keep the hair dryers away from your head as much as you can.

There are some people that have electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and if that’s the case for you, then you will have various symptoms and health problems that are caused by stuff like this. If that happens, you will encounter physical signs that something is wrong at this time.

Is EMF Radiation From Hair Dryers Dangerous?

As you can see from the numbers listed above, hair dryers emit a lot of radiation. It’s the type of thing that can bring in front a whole lot of challenge.

You must adjust and adapt all these things as much as possible. And the return on investment can be huge every time, just try to consider that.

The dangers are everywhere when it comes to EMF radiation. Most electronics tend to have some, be it in a small or larger amount. Read my articles on radiation from Fitbit, microwaves, laptops, and cell phones.

Sometimes you don’t need to worry that much, other times you need to be very worried, as you can deal with a whole lot of challenges.

What Can You Do?

As we mentioned above, it can be very hard to deal with EMF radiation.

The thing to keep in mind is that you need to stay as far away as you can from the unit while using it. You can bring it closer to your head, but don’t prolong the exposure too much.

According to the inverse square law of physics, when we double our distance from a radiation source, we are quartering the exposure to it. There’s not a lot to do here other than staying away. That will help lower the EMF radiation from Hair Dryers, and that can be very important.

There are some other small tricks you can focus one. One of them is to towel dry your hair. This way you will need to use your hair dryer a lot less. And you also get to limit the EMF radiation exposure, so it does tend to work very well in this situation.

It’s still important to get one of the low EMF hair dryers, as that type of unit offers a very low radiation exposure. And it will surely bring in front some amazing benefits and results that you will appreciate quite a bit.

The value shown here is super impressive, and it brings in front some extraordinary results. Remember, you should always limit your radiation exposure.

And even if the hair dryer seems a simple unit without a lot of radiation, that doesn’t mean it will not harm you in any way. Which is why keeping the unit far from your head or getting low EMF hair dryers is the best approach you can have in this regard!

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