Can Burying Power Lines Reduce Radiation?

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Can Burying Power Lines Reduce Radiation

While modern technology makes tasks simpler, it comes with potential health risks that one should be aware of. Many everyday appliances emit electromagnetic radiation (EMF).

When it comes to protecting yourself against radiation, it is easy to forget that one of the most significant sources of radiation is from the power lines, but can burying power lines help to reduce radiation?

Burying power lines underground can reduce radiation because it changes the magnetic field around the cables. Therefore, the electrical fields produced are absorbed by the earth, reducing exposure to nearby homes. 

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The rest of this article will highlight some of the topics relating to this question, such as the effect of power lines on your health, the relationship between power lines and EMF, and other ways to block EMP from the Power lines.

What Are Power Lines?

Power lines are the continuous systems of wiring that you typically see overheard tall poles in an electrical grid system. You can categorize them into two subsets:

Those transporting enormous electricity from power plants to a substation, or those that transport electricity to the consumers from the substations.

The cables transport electricity with a voltage of close to half a million volts, which emit high quantities of EMF radiation. The radiation emitted spreads up to a quarter a mile in either direction of the cables affecting the vicinity homes.

To make matters worse, both the local lines and the more massive transmission lines emit electric and magnetic fields exposing anyone living near the lines to the dangers of EMF radiation.

You will still get the most potent EMF effects from the high voltages transmission lines and the lowest from the local lines.

What Dangers Do Power Lines Impose on Your Health?

According to several studies, power lines emit powerful EMF radiation with strong relations to childhood leukemia in cases where the magnetic field was higher than three milliGauss (mG).

The first real evidence was in 1979 when a study by Wertheimer & Leeper showed that the children living close to areas with high voltage transmission and strong electromagnetic fields had a high probability of developing leukemia.

Another closed study in 1993 by Feychting and Ahlbom revealed that for those exposed to high electromagnetic field levels, childhood leukemia risks were 2.7 times higher and 2.7 times for adults.

As research into the effect on EMF on health continues to progress, several symptoms are similar among many who suffer from EMF radiation exposure.

Some of these symptoms include:

  • Mood disorder
  • Muscle pain
  • Anxiety
  • Heart disease
  • Depression
  • Infertility
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Irritability

How Does Distance From the Power Lines Impact Safety?

If you want to reduce the EMF radiation effects, it is best to stay far away from the power lines. The closer the distance, the more pronounced the damage.

A good example is that those closest to the wiring cables will have more likelihood of suffering from cancer and stunted growth while those furthest from the power station are safer.

When you bury electrical cables underground, the amount of distance put in place by the soil and asphalt helps negate the distance covered by electrical field radiation. However, the underground depth distance may determine the amount of EMF damage you may experience from the surface.

The following is a video on harmless proximity to power lines and EMFs in your home:

Other Ways to Help Block EMF Radiation From Power Lines

Apart from burying cables underground, there are different ways you can safeguard your home from the effects of EMF radiation. Such include:

Using EMF Shielding Paint

An EMF shielding paint (related article) is one of the simplest methods you can protect your home from EMF radiation.

The paint is only effective at stopping particular frequencies. However, it is best to look for paint that can block both low and high radiation frequencies.

The paint will then protect your house from any interference, including your wireless network. If your home is very close to a power station, you may need to apply your house with more than one paint coating for maximum protection.

Using a Wire mesh

Apart from using paint for protection, you can install a wire mesh in your house’s specific weak points, such as the windows. To help improve the shielding effectiveness, you can use several wire mesh options such as meshes made from copper or bronze.

A 6mm wire mesh may work, but it can block plenty of natural light. If you want more natural light, you may have to use an even bigger wire mesh.

Performing Some Landscaping

While the primary purpose of landscaping is to rejuvenate your compound’s visual appeal, adding several trees and bushes can help you reduce the impact of EMF radiation from the power lines.

But how does it work since trees cannot block out EMF?

Radiation tends to weaken once it passes through several objects. Therefore, when you have several bushes and trees surrounding your home, they can help reduce the EMF’s overall impact.

Using the Right Type of Appliances

It is best to use appliances that help block out EMF and generate their electromagnetic fields within the recommended guidelines.

More importantly, it would help if you look for appliances with shielded power cords or ground extension cords since they can block out EMF radiation.

What Level of Exposure Can You Consider to Be Safe?

Power Lines

By understanding the harmful levels of EMF exposure, you can instill better protective measures. There is a clear guideline that establishes whether you are safe or not.

You are only safe if the EMF exposure level is lower than 1mG. However, if you are severely exposed to EMF, then you may suffer from mild or severe health implications depending on the period of exposure.

To protect yourself and your loved ones, you may want to complete EMF testing at your home. This test will help you determine how much radiation is being emitted by wiring, home appliances, etc. in your home.

EMF testing is especially important if you live near high voltage transmission and power lines or mobile phone towers.

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Protection From EMF Exposure

It would help if you were extra careful when it comes to protecting yourself from any EMF exposure from power lines. Also, it would be best if you only used appliances that you feel safe when handling.

Additionally, it is paramount to avoid living in areas with a high EMF frequency.

The best defense against EMF exposure is to prevent and reduce the amount of exposure rather than worrying about its impacts.

Bottom Line

Living far from high voltage power lines may be the best way to avoid jeopardizing your health by exposing yourself to high EMF levels.

This can help prevent the likelihood of developing health problems such as cancer, neurological or physiological problems.

If you cannot move away, you should take the necessary measures to reduce the amount of exposure, such as using an EMF shielding paint, burying power lines, using a wire mesh, or changing the landscape around your home.

While power lines are a massive source of EMF radiation, you should not underestimate the radiation given off by regular electrical appliances that you use every day. Take extra precautions to block and reduce exposure.

Instead of worrying about power lines or electrical grid systems near your home, you should carry out an EMF study of your home and identify all the risks, be it low frequency or high-frequency radiation.

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